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"A website dedicated to building a community of people who
love the pipe organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach"

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Bach - Greatest Organ Works, Vol. 1
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"I Can Do This and It's Going to Be Great" - October 12, 2010
I had to give a big presentation at work last week and I thought I'd offer some insights from my experience. I don't know what goes on in other people's heads but I can tell you what was going on inside mine. As I was preparing in the days before the meeting, (More...)
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From: Sue Burkhalter - October 16, 2010
Hi Dan, regarding the book you mentioned, "Happy For No Reason," I just had thought number 60,001! (More...)
>>>>>>>Builder News!!!
Miller Pipe Organ Company:
E.B. Gevedon, MD -- Residence Organ

"This was an exciting project! It is not everyday one gets to build a residence organ." More...
Andover Organ Helps Save Local Casavant
"When yet another Lawrence (MA) church was closed due to parish mergers, we could do nothing but sigh." More...
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