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WORKSHOP #22: "Choral Music: Relying on the Kindness of Strangers"
A great resource for choir directors who are interested in programming works by major composers that are suitable for small choirs.

WORKSHOP #21: "The Toccata and Fugue in D Minor Stinks!"
It's not just for Halloween anymore!

WORKSHOP #20: "Going Mental"
I'm always looking for new ways to get more out of myself and life. Read about my latest resort: Going mental. Included are tips to help you go mental, too!

WORKSHOP #19: "The Last Shall Be First"
I don't have much practice time so I'm always trying to find ways of using the time I do have more efficiently. As the Carly Simon song goes, "I haven't got time for the pain." This workshop presents a technique I used recently with great success.

WORKSHOP #18: "You're Fired!"
While organists certainly aren't the only ones in the world who get fired, it does seem that on average our firings are more dramatic and traumatic. Here are some real-world tips that may help you avoid making some of the same mistakes of someone who's been there, done that.

WORKSHOP #17: "Is the Fugue in B Minor (BWV 579) A-typical? No Answer!"
There's no doubt about it, the Fugue in B Minor and I have been through a lot together. Between preludes and postludes, I've played it hundreds of times over the years. If the B Minor is a little bit "different," does that mean it's A-typical? Read on for the Answer -- or not!

WORKSHOP #16: "Hitting the Wall"
Like marathon runners "hitting the wall," organists are sometimes stopped in their tracks by a measure or section of a piece. This workshop offers a simple solution to try when time is of the essence.

WORKSHOP #15: "Surf's Up! Raising Your Internet Profile"
This workshop discusses using a web page to promote your church's organ, music program and musicians. If you do not have access to a web page, I'm here to help. Read on!

WORKSHOP #14: "A Christmas Carol...for Next Year"
Every Christmas Eve, the church where I play invites me to perform a half-hour concert of organ music. The only guidance given for the planning of the program is that it be comprised of Christmas carols, not Christmas songs. The first time I had to prepare such a program (1995), I wasn't exactly sure how to proceed. My previous experiences had all been repertoire-based, drawing on the Christmas music of "legitimate" composers (Bach, Handel, Messiaen, etc.).

WORKSHOP #13: "Fugue in G Minor (BWV 578): Part I"
The Fugue in G Minor (BWV 578) may actually be Bach's most perfectly composed fugue. Unfortunately, that reputation can make it a bit intimidating to learn. In order to put a friendlier face on the G Minor, I've decided to write a series of workshops, breaking it down into smaller, easier-to-manage chunks.

WORKSHOP #12: "Nun komm' der Heiden Heiland" (BWV 659)
I have good news and bad news. First, the good news. I continue to browse Russell Stinson's "J.S. Bach's Great Eighteen Organ Chorales" during odd moments. Most recently his references to "Nun komm' der Heiden Heiland" ("Come Now, Savior of the Heathen"), BWV 659, captured my imagination.

WORKSHOP #11: "The Case for Memorizing: Am I Crazy?!?"
We avoid it at all costs and it's just below the dentist on our Top Ten list of bad experiences. So why am I even bringing it up?

WORKSHOP #10: "What to Learn Next? (Prelude and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 539)"
With all that organ repertoire out there, how do you decide what to choose when it's time to start learning a new piece? Read this workshop for an answer to that question and more.

WORKSHOP #9: "News Flash: Two Postludes Better Than One!"
Learn Dan Long's secret for dealing with "Postlude Yellers."

WORKSHOP #8: "Lübeck, Whobeck?"
If you've never played anything by Vincent Lübeck, you're missing out. Lübeck was a contemporary of Bach although 31 years his senior (1654-1740). While not as melodic or harmonically complex as Bach's, Lübeck's works have an energy all their own and serve equally well for recitals and church services.

WORKSHOP #7: "November Is American Indian Heritage Month"
What's the connection between "Amazing Grace" and the Cherokee? Find out in this Guest Workshop by Will W. Rogers.

WORKSHOP #6: "25 Hot Hymns for Cool Organists"
In this Guest Workshop, Peter Stapleton serves up recipes to keep those hymns spicey.

WORKSHOP #5: "A Recital You Can't Refuse (to Give!)"
Recitals are scary things. This workshop can help you create a simplified, more enjoyable recital experience.

WORKSHOP #4: "Taming the Dreaded Alto Clef"
A Guest Workshop by Victor Frost that sheds some light on the uses and benefits of the Alto Clef.

WORKSHOP #3: "Fugue in F Major - Quirky Diamond In the Rough"
This workshop discusses the fugue from the Toccata and Fugue in F Major (BWV 540). It's playable!

WORKSHOP #2: "Avoid the 'Full-time Job, No Time to Practice' Blues!"
This workshop discusses ways to make practice sessions more efficient and productive.

WORKSHOP #1: "Fantasy in C Major (BWV 570) - Easy to Play and Versatile"
This workshop explores organ compositions by Bach that can be used equally well for preludes, offertories, or postludes, and require little preparation time.