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November 5, 2003
Vol. III, No. 30

"Fall Back"
It's definitely still Fall here in New York City. It's November 5th and yet warm enough to walk to and from work in just shirtsleeves (at least for me). Many of the trees in Central Park are still green although the ones that aren't are yielding up (down) their leaves. As I walked along through the park yesterday morning, leaves too many to count drifted down like giant snowflakes all around me. Mostly oak, but some maple and elm. I think it was the multi-pointed oak leaves that reminded me most of snowflakes, even though they were brown.

The reason I'm making such a big fuss over Fall is that it's rare in the city. Traditionally, we seem to go from too hot to too cold in just a couple of days and then it stays that way for six months until it goes from too cold to too hot in another two days. Six months later it all starts again. That's fine for people who love to complain about the weather but terrible for those of us who enjoy the temperate seasons. So I'm celebrating because we're getting a break this year from the usual routine.

Last night, I walked home in the dark through a light mist. In the streetlights, it looked like billowing snow and, had it been colder, I'm sure it would have been a blizzard. What a scary thought. The US Energy Department predicts a mild winter though so maybe the snow won't show up too soon. Maybe Fall will have a chance to really stretch out before it's completely obliterated by the white stuff.

Today, it rained hard. All day. But I walked to and from work anyway because you never know, tomorrow might be the first day of Winter. Some things you just have to enjoy while they last.
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Dan Long

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