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August 9, 2003
Vol. III, No. 23

"Everybody Back in the Boat!"
I'm happy to report that over the last couple of weeks I've managed to rescue several members of my repertoire from the murky waters of oblivion. They're not recital ready yet, but at least I'm no longer too embarrassed to play them. I'd like to welcome back the Prelude and Fugue in F Minor (BWV 534), the Prelude and Fugue in C Major (BWV 545), and the Toccata from the F Major (BWV 540). I also managed to retrieve my memorization of "Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ" (Orgel-Büchlein) that I'd worked out a couple of years ago. (By the way, "Ich ruf," with its interval-quirky left hand part of constantly running eighths, is an easy piece to memorize.)

It certainly doesn't take long to rescue a piece but once rescued, it has to be regularly maintained or it will drift out to sea again while you're busy with another piece. The trick is to get all of the pieces into the boat, all at the same time and keep them there. The way things are going though I think I'm going to need a bigger boat!
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Speaking of hard work… community member Sue Burkhalter has passed her CAGO exam. Congratulations, Sue!

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Zoltán Göncz has provided program notes for his completion of Bach's Fugue in C Minor (BWV 562:2)

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Added is an article from the BBC entitled "Brain machine 'improves musicianship'." I knew it was all in my head.

Have a great week!

Dan Long

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