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April 14, 2003
Vol. III, No. 13

"GUEST RAMPAGE: Maple Grove Can Save Us!"
[This Guest Rampage comes from Peter Stapleton, organist and frequent contributor to -Dan]

Ever hear of Maple Grove Vermont? Few have. Until this year.

Maple Grove is waaay up north, and the good folks were a little discouraged about raising funds for local causes. They were discouraged but not defeated.

A few of the guys knew they needed to have a product people would buy. Inspiration! A calendar! Not just another calendar with red maple trees and white churches. They decided on what really sells: a calendar with scantily clad models; a new body for every month.

"The Men of Maple Grove" was born.

Now they don't have too many models in Maple Grove. It seems the place isn't really the kind of glamour capital that attracts a lot of high roller model types.

So they worked with what they had, like any sensible New Englander would do. They took off their clothes and got to work.

It's not suggestive or prurient. They just chose twelve willing guys, one for each month, and started shooting. They used ordinary models with ordinary bodies in various attractive local settings.

The calendar was ready in no time, cost practically nothing to produce, and went on sale to locals with a small first printing.

You know what happened. It was a smash. They produced more, then more again. When last I heard they had sold forty thousand (40,000) copies of "The Men of Maple Grove" across the country. Think about it. Do the math.

The men were now local celebrities and reinforced success and sales by piling into a convertible for their first appearance in the local Fourth of July parade. The crowd went wild. Do the words "Advance Sales" mean anything to you?

In case you're wondering, I'm NOT making this up.

You see my next point. "Men of the Organ." Just ordinary guys with a sense of humor and a need to meet.

It's not only good fund-raising, it's important for our image. We too often come across as bodiless beings with a troubling tendency to look dowdy or just generally un-cool.

Start now. The weather's good and Christmas is coming.
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Thanks, Peter! To all, have a great week!

Dan Long

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