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April 9, 2003
Vol. III, No. 12

The good folks in Connecticut are in danger of losing their Pipedreams forever. Due to a lack of contributions, the Greater Hartford Chapter AGO will cease being able to underwrite the show as of this June. If you're within earshot of Connecticut or you just need an outlet for your generosity, please consider supporting this worthy cause. For all the pertinent information, click the link below:

If you're facing a similar dilemma in your region, you should definitely check out the resources posted at the link above. They were prepared by John Nisbet, who has been working with Pipedreams' host, Michael Barone, to save the show on Connecticut Public Radio.

We lost Pipedreams in Manhattan a while ago but we can still tune in to Brooklyn. I know it's not on the air in Boston. I heard that if organ music is played on the classical stations up there, listeners actually call up and complain. That's what I heard.

I have more to say on this subject but I'll continue later so this doesn't turn into a Mega-Rampage.
Click this link to read comments and offer your own:

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Biography page:
The J.S. Bach biography on the Biography page is a condensed biography provided by Grove Music, of dictionary fame. They have discontinued their Free Trials of the online version for individuals but the offer is still available to libraries and schools.

PLEASE NOTE: My recital which was scheduled for this month at St. Paulís Chapel, Columbia University, has been CANCELLED due to a scheduling conflict at the venue. Sorry.

Have a great week!

Dan Long

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