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February 27, 2003
Vol. III, No. 6

"Where's the Rampage?"
Earlier this year, as part of a strategy to better manage my time, I made a New Year's resolution to send out my Weekly Rampage on a weekly basis; no more, no less. Well, like most resolutions, it was short-lived but I won't take all the blame. Lately the Rampages haven't been cooperating.

For instance, I had a Rampage ready to send out over two weeks ago when it suddenly put its foot down and refused to go. It turns out it was upset because it felt it wasn't really saying what it was supposed to. So I went to work on it. Days went by and it still wasn't finished so I decided I'd have to come back to it later.

In an effort to salvage the schedule, I turned to a Rampage that I had set aside for the following week. It was short and could be sent out with little refining. Or so I thought. Upon closer examination, there wasn't as much there as I'd imagined and it too was demanding some development. (Good ideas are like that. Bad ideas don't like to be scrutinized too closely.) I tried to whip it into shape but no, this Rampage, too, was clogging up the works.

Even this Rampage that you're now reading started life as a quick note but insisted on growing. And just to make things interesting, a workshop reared its head and demanded equal time. I said, Hey, take a number! Now my stove's in danger of running out of back burners. And the days keep marching by.

I do try to be patient with the Rampages though because the real culprit is Time. I believe that Time is intentionally elusive. If I could just chain it to the table and keep it from disappearing, maybe I could get caught up someday.

In the meantime, I've modified the Weekly Rampage Back Issues page so that it displays the first paragraph or so of all the Rampages going back one year. Now rather than simply being displayed as a list of titles, the Rampages may be a bit more enticing to casual browsers. Here's the link:

Who knows? Maybe this is the beginning of the end of the Rampage logjam.
Click this link to read comments and offer your own:

Updated Pages
Articles Library:
A New York Times article from February 16, 2003 entitled "Time to Rid Orchestras of the Shakes."

Musician Jokes:
Only a kid can make you laugh in church!

Book Store:
Added are "Early Recordings and Musical Style: Changing Tastes in Instrumental Performance, 1900-1950" by Robert Philip and "In the Pipeline -- Memoirs of an International Concert Organist" by Carlo Curley. This second one is not currently available but, like the first, has plenty of sample pages that can be read online.

Have a great week!

Dan Long

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