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February 10, 2003
Vol. III, No. 5

"Bach: My Guilty Pleasure"
"Order! Order! Court is now in session. Bailiff, please escort the Defendant into the courtroom."


"Mr. Long, on the Sunday last, you played Bach's Fantasy and Fugue in C Minor (BWV 537) as a postlude. In reference to said postlude, you are charged with taking a slower than acceptable tempo, with the intention of making the postlude longer, as well as playing with excessive loudness, in order to, in your words, "soak in those crunchy harmonies." You are further charged with becoming overly engrossed in the music, that in several instances you were so caught up in the music that you allowed your concentration to be broken to such an extent that it was detrimental to your accuracy. Mr. Long, do you understand the charges made against you and do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"I do understand the charges, your honor, and I admit that I intentionally took a slower tempo; the longer I play, the more music there is to enjoy. And I admit that I played loudly and, yes, I indulged myself in listening to what I was playing and my playing suffered but, your honor, how could I resist? Those soaring lines…those crunchy harmonies…those wonderfully crunchy harmonies! I'm not guilty of crimes against humanity. If anything, I'm guilty of crimes in the name of humanity. But my conscience is clear!"

"Order! Order! Mr. Long, that will be enough. Foreman, how does the jury find?"

"Your honor, on the charge of Playing Slowly, on the charge of Playing Loudly, and on the charge of Making Mistakes, we, the jury, find the defendant, Guilty of "enjoying Bach just a little too much."

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury for your service. You are dismissed. Mr. Long, you have been convicted by a jury of your peers of "enjoying Bach just a little too much." Therefore, I sentence you to a lifetime of wandering intellect and misplaced priorities. Bailiff, take him away! Court is now adjourned!"
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Organ Links:
Added are organs at Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Clearwater, FL, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN, and La Cathédrale de Lausanne, Switzerland

School Links:
Added is a link to the music department at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN.

Featured Links:
New links to the European Suzuki Association Organ Project, which sells among other things "booster" pedalboards for kids, the Abbey Malesbury, where the first organ in England was built, and a website which sells a Portable MIDI Pedalboard—you can take it anywhere!

Articles Library:
Added is an article about the new C.B. Fisk organ in La Cathédrale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Also, there's a new article about Will W. Rogers' art show which contains a sample of his work.

Dan Long

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