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September 6, 2002
Vol. II, No. 34

"Tempus Fugit...Regardless"
The September issue of Scientific American magazine is a special issue dedicated to the subject of Time. I found one of the articles especially interesting, not just because I could actually understand one of their articles for a change but also because I thought it contained clues as to why our performance tempos have increased over time.
"Real Time" by Gary Stix
"The pace of living quickens continuously, yet a full understanding of things temporal still eludes us."

This past week I revamped the Composition Free Exchange page, organizing it alphabetically by Composer and Title rather than Posting Date. Coincidentally, it was one year ago today that I emailed a Labor Day Rampage announcing the launch of the Composition Free Exchange page. Within a week's time I would be posting my composition "Elegy of Freedom" with its copyright date of September 11, 2001. I'd like to share an excerpt from my Weekly Rampage of September 14, 2001:

"Most of you probably aren't aware that I live and work in Manhattan. This past Tuesday, I was at work in Times Square, sitting at my desk when the first tower of the World Trade Center was hit. After the second tower was hit and it became obvious that this was no accident, I headed home to be with my family. By the time I arrived at our apartment, the towers were down and we watched in horror, along with the rest of the nation, the endless replaying of something unbelievable and incomprehensible.

"It has become apparent that every one of us has been touched in some awful way by this tragedy. The process of rebuilding our lives will take time and great energy. One of the ways I cope with difficult times is to use the creative process as a tool to explore my feelings about what I am going through. The result of my reactions to this week's events is an organ composition I have entitled 'Elegy for Freedom.' Many of us are musical leaders in our communities and have an opportunity to help others cope through our musical offerings in the days, weeks and months to come. In this spirit, I offer 'Elegy for Freedom,' available as a free download on the Composition Free Exchange page, for use as a prelude, an offertory, or simply as a secular meditation."

This will be a difficult week coming up, trying to strike a balance between showing respect for those who were lost and wanting to forget the whole thing happened, overcoming personal emotions while fulfilling professional responsibilities. One of the many benefits of being part of a community is knowing that you're not alone. We will be OK.
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Have a good week and make each day count.

Dan Long

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