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July 11, 2002
Vol. II, No. 26

"What! No Photo?!?"
Each month, when I compile the Monthly Links page, I spend a significant amount of time scrounging around church websites looking for information about their organs. I can't tell you how disappointed I am when a church's website doesn't even mention their organ. Sometimes they give a description or the specifications but then fail to include a photo. And that's my favorite part! I really enjoy viewing photos of organs and, judging from my website stats, many of you do, too; the Organ Links page is one of the most popular pages on!

Your mission, should you accept it, is to make sure your church's website contains information about the organ. At the very least, show off one of your church's most beautiful and valuable assets with a photo. When you've completed your mission, email me the link and I'll post it on the Organ Links page. If your church's website already displays the organ's vitals, send me the link right now. Organ pride, everybody!
Click this link to read comments and offer your own:

Updated pages
Organ Links:
Brombaugh Opus 20, St. John's Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, California.

Independent Artists:
Added is JAYME LUNA's Bach for Church Organists webpage.

Featured Links:
--Behind every great man... This is the story of Bach written as if by Anna Magdalena herself.
--"When the Words Hurt: The Gospel of John, Bach's Music, and Religious Intolerance." Presentations from a symposium on Bach's St. John Passion on the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies website.
--The Canons and Fugues of J. S. Bach: A very extensive resource from Tim Smith, Professor of Music Theory at Northern Arizona University.

Have a great week and get clickin'.

Dan Long

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