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June 25, 2002
Vol. II, No. 23

"Announcing the Dan Long Presidential Library"
Um, well, sort of. In my Weekly Rampages, I often include links to various articles on the web. Occasionally I have to go back and reread an article or find a link for a new reader. As the Rampages sink deeper and deeper into the Archives, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember which Rampages contain which links. So to make life easier, I've created the Articles Library. Links to all articles referred to in Weekly Rampages are now available in one convenient location, accessible from either the Articles pipe or through Resources.
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Updated pages
Organ Links: See the Boston Music Hall Organ at Methuen Memorial Music Hall in Methuen, Massachusetts by E. F. Walcher and Company and Aoelian - Skinner Organ Company, Inc.

Featured Links: I've added a link to AGOnLine: The American Organist's Monthly Tour of the Internet. This is the electronic version of the column by John H. Nisbet that appears monthly in The American Organist magazine. I've also added a link to the Bach Cantatas Website. It has, among other things, an extensive list of articles about J.S. Bach, his Religion & his Music.

Independent Artists: I've added links to the websites of independent artists Eberhard Geier, Eugenia Krivitskaia, John Lanius, Peter Lindgren, Jonathan Orwig, Ian Sadler, Simone Stella, The Three Navy Organists, and Markus Wargh.

Workshops: You've probably already seen this but just in case, Workshop #2 is called "Avoid the 'Full-time Job, No Time to Practice' Blues!".

Have a great week and stay in touch!

Dan Long

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