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January 7, 2010
Vol. X, No. 1

"Happy New Year!"
As enters its tenth year, I took a quick look over the past year's additions to the website. I didn't write that many Rampages in 2009 but it wasn't the worst year by far.

Currently I'm working on a couple of longer articles and as usual they are taking a bit longer than expected. I've also got a Workshop in the pipeline -- we haven't seen one of those in a while!

In the meantime, I wanted to pass along the following page updates without even further delay before they are completely out of date. And by the way, buy myself a little more time to finish up those articles. Maybe my New Year's resolution should be to write more Rampages in 2010 than ever before (that would be 47 Rampages in 2002 and would be quite an accomplishment). On the other hand, I guess the smart thing would be to just write, period, and see how far I get. Hey, I just have to write 2 to beat 2007 so as soon as I send this off I'm half the way there.

I look forward to hearing from all of you in the coming year. I think despite the economic conditions, there are still a great many exciting things happening in the world of Bach and the pipe organ. Let's enjoy them together!

All the best to you and yours!

The latest entry of Susan Burkhalter's "Organists' News" has been posted. Sue has a nice essay on playing from memory:

Updated is the website link for organist Simone Stella who is currently in the process of playing the complete works of Buxtehude. January 31st will be the 7th of ten free concerts Simone is giving in Florence, Italy. Wouldn't we all love to go!

Added is a website where you can find free downloads of the complete organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach, recorded by Dr. James Kibbie on original baroque organs in Germany.

Have a great week!

Dan Long

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