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February 13, 2009
Vol. IX, No. 6

"Survival's the Name of the Game"
With all the economic adventures we're experiencing these days, there's no time like the present to have a read of the latest entry in one of my favorite blogs, Deep Survival. I regularly share Gonzales' articles because I value the "big picture" perspective they offer:
"Deep Survival with Laurence Gonzales: When Times Were Really Tough"
The exhibit he discusses is currently touring the US and I hope to have the opportunity to view it. Here's a related article:
The Pope seems to be on board:

It was bittersweet news this week that Muzak filed for Chapter 11. The butt of so many jokes may finally be put out of our misery! Not so funny will be all the jobs lost, as well as the royalty streams to song writers.
The Oberlin connection is that the late Oberlin Professor of Composition Joseph Wood practically invented Muzak:

Next up is an article from this past week's AM New York -- "Playing Ain't Paying: Street performers feel the pinch"
I'm not sure why this is a news story. Just because the city uses taxpayer money to control who can play doesn't make it a real job with expectation of pay. Most musicians are smart enough to know that what they do is one step up from begging, maybe a half step.

But the article did lead me to the blog of the musical saw lady who plays in the subway. Her blog is an incredible tour of the wacky world of subway musicians -- a real taste of New York if you have the time.

Finally, as a follow-up to last week's Rampage, I found a supporting article on the value of arts education. It was on, of all places, a website by the George Lucas Educational Foundation called Edutopia. I'm glad he's doing something useful with all the money I spent on Star Wars movies.
SPECIAL REPORT: Art and Soul: Why Arts Education Must Be Saved
"Why Arts Education is Crucial, and Who's Doing It Best: Art and music are key to student development"

I promoted this link to the top of the page in honor of St. Valentine's Day:
"The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume I" (1903) by Rupert Hughes
"Musicians as lovers! The very phrase evokes and parades a pageant of amours! The thousand heartaches; the fingers clutching hungrily at keys that might be other fingers; the fiddler with his eyelids clenched while he dreams that the violin, against his cheek is the satin cheek of 'the inexpressive She;' the singer with a cry in every note; the moonlit youth with the mandolin tinkling his serenade to an ivied window; the dead-marches; the nocturnes; the amorous waltzes; the duets; the trills and trinkets of flirtatious scherzi; the laughing roulades; the discords melted into concord as solitude into the arms of reunion -- these are music's very own."
See Chapter 8 for JS Bach.

I spent a good bit of time this past week revamping the stores on the website. I'm not completely comfortable with the new structure but the content of all the stores is now dynamic. That means it's easier for me to update them and you won't have to deal with outdated store pages. We'll see how it goes; I can always go back to the way it was:

Have a great week!

Dan Long

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