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October 31, 2008
Vol. VIII, No. 13

"Happy Halloween"
It seems our society is in the process of ruining yet another holiday. Anyway, it's kind of lame but I put up one Halloween decoration:

I've been crazy busy but I just couldn't let yet another week go by without a Rampage. If you're curious, here's the project that's been sucking up all of my time:

Speaking of not having any time, one of the projects I wanted to complete this past summer was a new website that would encompass some of my other interests like politics, economics and cooking. Surprise, surprise, it didn't happen but here's a recipe I cooked up if you're feeling adventurous. I wanted to see if I could come up with a soup that didn't rely on chicken stock, just veggies. The answer is yes but since then I've found a powdered chicken stock, mostly organic, that can be added to any soup. Still, if all you've got is veggies and spices, you're in good shape. I haven't given up on the website so stay tuned.

Quick Veggie Soup Recipe
--Put 4 or 5 cups of water on to boil.
--Add a teaspoon or so of salt and some ground black pepper.
--Peel and dice two medium red potatoes and put in water.
--Dice a clove of garlic and set aside to develop its healthy properties.
--Add about a cup of sliced carrots.
--Add a diced small onion.
--Add 3 cherry tomatoes, halved.
--Add spices: cilantro, thyme, celery flakes, red pepper flakes, rosemary
--Grate some parmagian cheese into the pot.
--Add the garlic to the pot.
--Boil for about 20 minutes or until the carrots, potatoes and tomatoes are tender.
I like it and it's hard to mess up.

I'm including another Deep Survival article from Laurence Gonzales that I found informative.
"Mob Mentality: The Failures of Groupness"
The power of groupness is not to be underestimated. It has been the downfall of organizations, blinding them to evidence that was there for everyone to see.

Oh, organ content? Right. Maybe you saw this article. Or not.
"Amid Shoes and Jewels, a Mighty, Mighty Sound"
PHILADELPHIA — The organist Virgil Fox once compared playing the Wanamaker organ, said to be the largest playable instrument in the world, to being a child in a toy store. “You have to have many arms, many hands and many brains,” he said. The Wanamaker’s golden pipes cascade across a second-floor wall of the ornate Grand Court of Macy’s Center City here, hovering like a giant wingspan above a first-floor statue of an eagle. On Saturday, with an audience tucked between displays of shoes and jewelry, Rossen Milanov conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra and the organist Peter Richard Conte in Joseph Jongen’s “Symphonie Concertante,” a performance postponed for 80 years.

Susan Burkhalter's blog "ORGANISTS' NEWS" has a new look and a new post! Visit Sue's blog for lively discussions about the organists' world and leave a comment on your way out.

Click this link to read comments and offer your own:

Have a great week!

Dan Long

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