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May 7, 2002
Vol. II, No. 15

"Excuse me for living," I said. She was about my age, no more than twenty-five anyway, and had no reason I could see for being so snooty. I remembered this rhyme Mama taught me to say to kids who acted like they were better than me: "You must come from HogNorton, where pigs go to church and play the organ."

That's a passage from "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver. Someone pointed it out to me and days later I'm still trying to figure out whether or not I'm offended by it. While it's true that most organists are hams, I think I'd rather not be associated with organ-playing swine. Not only can't pigs fly, but it's impossible for them to achieve a legato style of playing; finger substitution is a little difficult with cloven hooves. What would they play for an appetizer, I mean, a prelude, "Wachet Oink! (Oinkers Awake!)" or "Pigs May Safely Glaze" by Johamm Sebastian Hock. Or perhaps something from the Orgelporklein (or is that lean)? In any casing, er, I mean, case, we're talking preludes by the pound!

Meditation page
I created this page last year so it may be familiar. It presents an opportunity to explore various themes through beautiful photographs and classic poetry and prose. When you spend too much time on the computer, it's nice to escape once in a while:

Featured Links
The following links have been added:
--"It's a Wurlitzer," Smithsonian Magazine, April 2002: An article about a Wurlitzer theater organ, currently in storage, that The Smithsonian plans to restore. Good overview of the Wurlitzer in theater organ history. This web page has more Bach links than you can imagine. You'll quickly lose yourself.
--APOBA Photo Gallery: The Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America continues to add photos to their website showing the work of their members. The photos are great plus you can click through to each member's website.

DVD Store
I've added 16 new DVDs and more will follow. This triples the number of DVDs available at the store from a year ago so I guess they're here to stay. The DVD Store page has descriptions and reviews but here's a list of what's available:
Bach's Greatest Organ Works Vol. 1 (2000)
Bach's Greatest Organ Works Vol. 2 (2001)
Bach - Mass in B Minor / Biller, Gewandhausorchestra (2000)
Bach - St. John Passion / Suzuki, Bach Collegium Japan (2000)
German Brass Goes Bach (2000)
Bach - Brandenburg Concertos / Freiburg Baroque Orchestra (2000)
Bach - The Well Tempered Clavier 48 Preludes and Fugues / Hewitt, MacGregor, Demidenko, Gavrilow (2000)
Bach - Musical Offering in C Minor / Kuijken (2000)
Bach Cantatas, BWV 179, 199 & 113 / Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Monteverdi Choir
In Rehearsal with John Eliot Gardiner (Bach Cantata No. 63) (1999)
Bach - Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 1-3 - A Naxos Musical Journey (2000)
Bach - Mass in B Minor / Guttenberg, Neubeuern Choral Society (1998)
Yo-Yo Ma - Inspired by Bach Vol. 3, Struggle for Hope / Six Gestures (Cello Suites 5 & 6) (1998)
Concert For The Peace - Jubilaeum (2000)
Bach & Vivaldi Concertos / Antonini, Katia & Marielle Labeque, Il Giardino Armonico (2000)
Bobby McFerrin and Friends - Swingin' Bach (2000) Baby Bach (2000)
The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra - Four Bach Suites (1995)
Bach - St. Matthew Passion (DVD Audio)
Bach - Mass in B Minor / Guttenberg, Neubeuern Choral Society (1998)
The Goldberg Variations - Glenn Gould Plays Bach (1981)
Yo-Yo Ma - Inspired by Bach Vol. 1, The Music Garden / The Sound of the Carceri (Cello Suites 1 & 2) (1998)
Yo-Yo Ma - Inspired by Bach Vol. 2, Falling Down Stairs / Sarabande (Cello Suites 3 & 4) (1998)
Bach Violin Concertos - A Naxos Musical Journey (2000)
Organ Spectacular-Famous Organ / Performer: Ton Koopman

Have a great week and stay away from WolfNorton, where wolves go to church and eat the organists!

Dan Long

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