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October 12, 2006
Vol. VI, No. 8

"It's Been a While"
It's been a while. Over six months, in fact. What happened? No, I wasn't kidnapped by agents of the International Musicological Society in a move to protest my last Rampage about an imaginary Bach (April 1, 2006). While that would be a much more exciting explanation, it would unfortunately be too far from the actual truth.

Long-time readers are well familiar with my struggle to balance my day job with everything of value in my life. Well, earlier this year the day job began winning. So much so that I had to readjust my priorities in a way that many of you will find extreme -- I resigned from my church job. As of June 28th, I became a free agent -- have fingers, will travel (well, not too far).

With my responsibilities at the day job growing, I had to rely more and more on nights and weekends for family time. That meant less and less time for a church job. Also, over the years my church salary became a smaller and smaller percentage of my overall income, while taking the same amount of time (despite all of my brilliant maneuverings to increase my efficiency). Something had to give.

Eleven very productive years, on a good instrument, made some friends, grew in every way. Don't feel sorry for me. Besides, I'm not out of the game entirely. For one thing, I passed the AGO Service Playing Test back in March. I didn't say anything in this forum until after I knew the results of the test because the identity of the test-taker is supposed to stay a secret but I will have more to say about the whole process in a later Rampage.

Also, I put myself on the NYC AGO Sub List over the summer. I didn't start receiving calls until a few weeks ago so I simply enjoyed having July and August off to relax. It's been a while!

Watch for my next Rampage in which I'll tell all about playing my first organ service in over three months and reveal the truth about whether my organ shoes still fit!

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Updated Pages
Composition Free Exchange:
Newly added is a piano composition by community member Roberto Spadoni. I have more new compositions AND COMPOSERS to add so stay tuned.

Sue Burkhalter and Vic Kovacs have continued to BLOG. Catch up on their latest entries at this link:

Your Stories:
Just added is the Bach story of Travis Hodgdon. When will you send in yours?

Organ Shoes Hall of Fame:
No update here but perhaps you saw the mention received in the last issue of The American Organist. It was on the final page of the magazine in the article on organ shoes.

Musician Jokes:
Added is a new knee-slapper, hee-haw!


Have a great week!

Dan Long

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