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February 17, 2006
Vol. VI, No. 2

"Drop the Fašade!"
Clearly, none of my Rampages about digital organs reached the folks at St. Mary's Ridgefield in time. They installed a toaster in December 2004 and now they're in the news because they are finally getting around to having a dedication concert.

It's a good thing -- those appliances don't last forever. Articles like this one just make me sick. And mad. And the more I read them, the madder I get. These poor reporters just get sucked in and write down any old thing they're told.

What really kills me is the huge deal they make about having a pipe fašade. Whatever for?!? They'll spend whatever amount of time and care to have those fake pipes computer-etched and painted with a paint that's been color matched to their stained glass window, even make a couple of trips to South Dakota, but they couldn't be bothered to take care of the old pipe organ other than a once-a-year tuning. And then they complain that it didn't sound good!

$100,000 for a digital that will last, what, ten years maybe? If that money had been apportioned annually over the past ten years they probably could've had a nice instrument by now. And it would have lasted for more than another ten years. I just don't buy the comment that "to rework the original organ in the church would have cost close to $100,000, and even then the sound would not be of top quality." I'm just as doubtful of the comment that it would have cost $300,000 for a pipe organ of appropriate size for their sanctuary.

So why am I sick and mad and worked up over something that's really none of my business? Because there it is in print and on the web for all the world to see, what a wonderful thing it is to have a digital organ. What a one-sided pile of tosh! And the kicker is who we have to thank for all of this -- the AGO. Thanks to the AGO, buyer and seller of digital organ were brought together at an AGO National Convention because that's what conventions are for.

The article is entitled "Church's new organ awaits blessing." If it were up to me, it would wait forever.

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Dan Long

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