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April 15, 2002
Vol. II, No. 13

"The Only Constant Is Change"
There's an old expression, "New York would be a great city if they ever finished it." If you haven't made the trip, it refers to the perpetual construction going on in the city. Buildings going up, buildings coming down, scaffolding everywhere. The city always has been and always will be in a continual state of flux.

I was feeling that way about the website this past week. Just when I was finishing up last week's additions, I came up with some new ideas for restructuring the site. I suppose the tinkering will never end and of course I have more additions coming next week. But for now read on to find out what's new this week...

WORKSHOP #1: "Fantasy in C Major (BWV 570) - Easy to Play and Versatile"
This is the first of what I hope will be many workshops discussing the subjects of organ music, service playing tips and tricks, and organ technique. This workshop explores organ music by Bach that can be used equally well for preludes, offertories, or postludes, and requires little preparation:

Independent Artists
Because I was unable to reach enough independent artists to make the project financially feasible, I am discontinuing the Artist program. There is now an Independent Artists page at and artists who have a website can request to have their information posted there:

Featured Links
I've posted links to three articles from The New York Times. If you hurry, you can read them for free. After one week, they charge you to read the entire article and one of them is from last Friday. Subjects include the Skinner organ at Yale University's Woolsey Hall, the new organ at Central Synagogue in New York City with a review of the inaugural recital, and an exploration of the role classical music plays in our lives today:

Have a great week and enjoy life!

Dan Long

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