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May 5, 2005
Vol. V, No. 10

"A New Resolution"
I don't perform enough. I play twice a week for services but that's not the same as giving a recital. Unfortunately, there aren't that many places in New York City that have a recital series.

It has been 2 1/2 years since my recital at St. Thomas. I had approached them a while back about getting back on their recital list but the series was put on hold when Gerre Hancock announced his retirement. I suppose it's time I contacted them again but in the past the wait was at least 2 years.

There's also St. Patrick's Cathedral. I approached them once many years ago, when I was scheduled to play at St. Thomas the first time. Their response was, "Come back after you've played St. Thomas and we'll see." I've played at St. Thomas twice and I haven't gone back to St. Patrick's yet. There's no denying it's a high-profile recital location but I've heard of people having bad experiences there. Still, I'm thinking I may give them a call anyway.

Otherwise, I don't know where else to play. I suppose it would be nice to play at St. Ignatius. I played on their organ once, an assisted tracker, and I think I remember liking it but I don't think they have a regular series and they haven't called.

I looked at the AGO NYC chapter website and other than those few biggies, most of the events listed were one-off concerts.

Anyway, I decided a while back that I should go back to practicing at St. Luke's at lunchtime. It took me a while to approach the church and get approval but it finally happened. I've only been back there a couple of times -- it's a lot harder to get away from work at lunch now than it used to be.

St. Luke's has a Walcker tracker. It's a nice little instrument with just over 20 stops. The room is not as live as I'd like but you can't have everything. Here are the specs:

It takes some time getting up to speed on a tracker, like getting to know a horse. You have to adjust your playing style to suit the instrument but I find it is always well worth the investment. Playing a tracker is a lot more like playing the piano in the way you build muscles while you practice.

So I'm thinking that maybe I can get my chops in recital shape and in a short time be performing more. St. Luke's has agreed to let me practice in exchange for an indeterminate number of recitals, so that will be at least one lunchtime concert and hopefully more.

In the meantime, if you know of a church that needs a recital, please let me know!

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Organ Links:
Added are the Pasi organ at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, Washington, and the Richards, Fowkes & Co. organ at St. John's Lutheran Church in Stamford, Connecticut.

Articles Library:
Added are "The Career Path of J. S. Bach; from Arnstadt to Leipzig" by Bill Morelock, Minnesota Public Radio, April 26, 2005, and "PIPE ORGAN 'COLLAPSE' -- Europe faces loss of historic instruments" by Michael Woods, Toledo Blade, April 24, 2005.


Have a great week!

Dan Long

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