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March 30, 2005
Vol. V, No. 7

"Bach in the Saddle"
There's a nasty rumor circulating that I gave up Rampaging for Lent. On the contrary, I've had several experiences recently that have left me very cranky. Just been too busy to write.

For instance, why don't healthy people go to concerts? I went to a NY Philharmonic concert a few weeks ago and more recently a performance of NYC Opera. Both audiences were full of sick people and I don't mean sniffles. I mean deep respiratory problems. Gross!

Next, I was stunned on Easter to hear an organist play "melody, melody, who's got the melody" on the final hymn. If even half of the 300-400 in attendance had been able to find the tune to sing along, it would have been an amazing sound. Is there such a thing as an Ivory organ loft? Hey, make them hymns as fancy as you like but the last time I checked, hymns were for singing, not recitaling.

Next, the following article really burned me up. Before we start worrying about Music leading people down the wrong path, I think we should first be concerned about Words. I feel for the organist in this guy's church, if they have one. Music can go where no words ever can. And it does. Read on at your own risk:

Finally, I had high hopes for an art installation that I visited today. Tim Hawkinson's Überorgan is part of his show at the Whitney Museum but it's so big it had to be installed elsewhere in a giant public atrium. The acoustics were cathedral-esque and the artwork/instrument was visually interesting so I felt there was a great deal of potential for a good sound experience.

The sounds are triggered from an automated console akin to a player piano, only on a much larger scale. A giant wind chest feeds a series of air bladders that look like deformed hot air balloons. The bladders in turn feed twelve "pipes" that resemble giant cardboard telescopes. The result is quite "Seussian" and suggests the offspring of a rollercoaster having coupled with a set of bagpipes.

The artwork/instrument plays on the hour from a pre-determined repertoire. I didn't hear any songs as advertised except the one coming from the radio of the nearby coffee and doughnut vendor that created a juxtaposition only John Cage could love. The sounds generated by this work of art amounted to a chromatic pedal solo on one octave (twelve notes) of 16' reeds. Ailings ones, at that. Inventive, yes. Musical, no cigar. The bottom line is I think to call it an organ is an insult to organs and organ builders everywhere and the Über is nothing but hype.

On a brighter note, the visit gave me a chance to try out my new camera phone. Here's a page of photos I took at the exhibit:

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Have a great week!

Dan Long

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