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March 17, 2005
Vol. V, No. 6

"All You Need Is Love"
In the beginning, I ran with the idea of the Weekly Rampage because I thought it sounded cool. I now realize the idea was also born of optimism. I was young and full of energy then. These days, given my current schedule and workload, I'm feeling too old to get worked up that often.

On the other hand, my options are limited. Monthly Rampage sounds lame -- how passionate can someone be if they only get mad once a month. Semi-monthly Rampage doesn't have any ring to it at all. Bi-weekly Rampage has the sound of something verging on the politically incorrect.

So for the time being, I guess I'll keep shooting and missing for the Weekly Rampage. It still sounds cool. This week's Rampage asks the question, "Where's the Love?" I don't mean Romantic love. I mean the kind of love where you show consideration for your fellow man. It seems to me the world is suffering from a shortage of love. I think we're probably only at 2% capacity.

The world lost a great man when we lost John Lennon. Here was a man who didn't just preach love on Sunday but Eight Days a Week. I can't help but think what a different place the world would be if he had been allowed to live.

Anyway, I've gone on long enough. I wanted to keep it short this time because of the large number of updated pages. So without further ado, here are the updates, With Love, from Me to You.

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Updated Pages
Composition Free Exchange:
William B. Fuhrer has generously submitted five of his compositions for the enjoyment of the community. There are four Trumpet Tunes (EbM, DbM and two in DM) and a Variations on "Earth and All Stars." Thanks, Bill!

Organ Links:
Added are the Richards Fowkes & Co. organ at Pinnacle Presbyterian Church, Scottsdale, Arizona, and the Brombaugh organ at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection, Eugene, Oregon.

Musician Jokes:
Added is a submission by community member Jim Gladstone, "A new text for AURELIA (The Church's One Foundation)."

Featured Links:
Added is the website of William Westney - Concert Pianist, Author and Educator.


Have a great week!

Dan Long

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