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April 2, 2002
Vol. II, No. 11

"The Strife is O'er, Alleluia!"
By now many of you are resting comfortably after a grueling week of services, a rest well deserved, I'm sure. (Of course, those in the know know that church musicians tend to celebrate holidays the week AFTER everyone else but it's certainly not because we're slow!) For my part, the denomination I play for is one that focuses on Easter Day itself so I'm largely spared the trials and tribulations of Easter Week. There's the singer's solo to learn, usually a bit longer and more dramatic for the day. Also, I don't play the Widor so what to play for Easter is always a big decision. For many years I played the Toccata, Adagio, and Fugue in C Major by Bach (or Tomato, Avocado and Fig, as my professor Garth use to call it). This year I played Bach's Fantasy and Fugue in A Minor for a prelude and his Fantasy and Fugue in C Minor for a postlude. The A Minor is always a crowd pleaser and the C Minor works for me because it's so awe-inspiring at "fff." Who has other alternatives to the Widor? How was your Easter Week? Click below to send or read messages:

Puzzle Page
If you're feeling a bit bored this week and/or in need of something to keep your mind and fingers busy, try a few on-screen jigsaw puzzles featuring the Old Man and the King of Instruments:

More Interactive Pages
You may now post your event announcements directly to the Announcements page. It's as easy as clicking on the link below. When you arrive at the Announcements page, you'll see the Post Announcement button; when clicked it will present you with a form. Simply type in the information for your event and click Submit Announcement! The Announcements page is updated immediately although you may need to hit the Refresh or Reload button on your browser to see the update. I have made the same modification to the Teacher Tributes and Musician Jokes pages as well, so it's now easier to honor your favorite teacher and share those groan-inducing jokes.

Have a great week and please tell a friend about!

Dan Long

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