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May 3, 2004
Vol. IV, No. 14

"Linen and Lace Anniversary"
Last month marked my ninth anniversary as organist in my current position. The exact date, appropriately enough, was April 1st. Fortunately, I had an excellent instrument at my disposal all those years, the history of which may be viewed here:
We're an unlikely couple, that organ and me. Given my views, you might suspect that I would refuse to play anything other than a tracker. Much as I love trackers, I am, above all, practical.

When I first played the organ, I was immediately impressed by what great shape it was in. Having subbed around the city the previous year, I had grown tired of playing instruments that were out-of-tune and in need of major repair. Another thing that impressed me was the sound of the organ. It's not often that you find such a powerful yet flexible instrument, let alone acoustics to match, which in this case were excellent--clean and the perfect amount of reverberation in relation to the size of the room. Nine years later, I appreciate the organ even more, particularly the creative layout of the stops across the manuals.

Recently, community member Dorry Shaddock emailed me the following: "When I play Bach on the wonderful Bachian instrument Fritz Noack built for Christ the King Lutheran Church, I feel that Bach (or God, or both) is speaking through me - if I listen, the organ will let me know how the music should sound. The flexible winding makes it possible to caress and cajole the sound. The player's ability to hear the message is only limited by his experience and skill. An organ like this can coax a mediocre player like me to sound pretty good at times." I know exactly what Dorry is talking about, how a good instrument can inspire you to play your best.

Finally, I, of course, owe my lengthy tenure to the good people of the church and thank them for their support. To paraphrase composer John Cage, one may question their wisdom but not their courage!

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WHAT I'M READING..."Over the Edge: A Regular Guy's Odyssey in Extreme Sports" by Michael Bane. I just finished! I was fascinated by his evolution from simply doing life-threatening stuff with a minimum of training to participating in exquisitely dangerous activities that required extensive training and learning specific skill sets. Bane's story is as much a travelogue of the mind as it is of the physical world. Great book!
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WHAT I'M LISTENING TO...Johann Sebastian Bach by Helmut Walcha. I came across this in my CD collection when I was looking for something else. Walcha's interpretations are solid although they may not be to the taste of some of today's listeners. Having recently listened to E. Power Biggs, my ears required an adjustment period but soon settled in for some enjoyable listening. Walcha recorded the complete works of Bach twice for Deutsche Grammophon, once in mono and once in stereo. My CD appears to be a sampler of the stereo recordings but it no longer seems to be available, at least on Amazon. They now have a different sampler listed:
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Have a great week!

Dan Long

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