January 18, 2002
Vol. II, No. 3

"Last Call!!!"
This is the last and final call for the 1st Annual "Ode to Organ Shoes" Poetry Contest. There are currently three entries but I will wait one more week before closing the contest and opening the voting to the BACHorgan.com community. ACT NOW! to win a free pair of Organmaster Organ Shoes! Submissions are being accepted via email at OrganShoePoetry@BACHorgan.com.

PRIZE DETAILS: The persons who submit the three winning tributes to their organ shoes as voted on by the BACHorgan.com community will receive a FREE BACHorgan.com T-shirt. IN ADDITION, the person who receives the greatest number of votes will receive the GRAND PRIZE: a gift certificate for a FREE pair of Organmaster Organ Shoes (includes tax and shipping!).

Featured Links:
The Theatre Organ Home Page maintains a list of the The World's Largest Pipe Organs. I have add the URL to the Featured Links page:

Musician Jokes:
This Dictionary of Musicological Absurdities arrived in my email inbox. I have posted it on the Musicians Jokes page without giving anyone credit because I have been unable to determine where it originated:

Organ Shoes Hall of Fame:
I've added an amusing organ shoes anecdote to the page:


Enjoy the three-day weekend and then have a great week!

Dan Long

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