January 10, 2002
Vol. II, No. 2

"One Per Part, Please"
Bernard Sherman is a writer whose work has been highlighted twice before in my Weekly Rampages. He emailed me recently to say that his website had been modified and asked if I would update the links from BACHorgan.com to his website. This I gladly did and if you'd like to revisit his work, see "Getting Religion" - May 31, 2001 and "Getting Religion, Part 2" - June 15, 2001 at:

Bernard also pointed me toward a review from the New York Times of Sunday 12-30-01, a review by Eric Van Tassel of keyboardist/conductor Joshua Rifkin's new CD. Rifkin's work is significant because he champions the practice of one voice per part in Bach's Cantatas, as opposed to the more common choir size of 12 to 16 voices. While this is not a brand new idea, it has only slowly gained acceptance because it is still a hotly debated issue. If you're interested in the review, it can be accessed via the New York Times website (nytimes.com) for a fee. Otherwise, Bernard Sherman has written about the Rifkin theory and posted a copy on his website, along with Rifkin's response. I have relisted Bernard's new URL at the top of the Featured Links page:

I've only waded about "ankle deep" into this debate and while it may seem esoteric, it has an important practical value in that it brings additional attention to Bach's music. If you think about it, fewer people than ever are familiar with Bach's work, and that's unfortunate. However, multiple performance theories must each be demonstrated and in the end result in more performances. And we all know that more opportunities to expose Bach's music to the public can only be a good thing. "What the world needs now, is Bach, sweet Bach." But seriously, if anything can heal this world's woes, it's the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

1st Annual "Ode to Organ Shoes" Poetry Contest
Our third submission has arrived and is posted. There's still time to win a free pair of Organmaster shoes!
PRIZE DETAILS: The persons who submit the three winning tributes to their organ shoes as voted on by the BACHorgan.com community will receive a FREE BACHorgan.com T-shirt. IN ADDITION, the person who receives the greatest number of votes will receive the GRAND PRIZE: a gift certificate for a FREE pair of Organmaster Organ Shoes (includes tax and shipping!). Submissions are being accepted via email at OrganShoePoetry@BACHorgan.com.

I've added information about the 2003 French Organ Music Seminar and the 2003 British Organ Music Seminar for those interested in studying organ abroad:

Featured Links:
I've added a link to the website for the French Organ Music Seminar / British Organ Music Seminar as well as a link to writer Bernard Sherman's new URL:

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The selections available at AllPosters.com have changed considerably:

Have a great week and a great year!

Dan Long

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