December 14, 2001
Vol. I, No. 24

"Happy Holidays"
What a lovely time of year, a time when we all have too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. I'm not sure I really begin to enjoy Christmas until after my Christmas Eve service is over. Only then can I relax and fully focus on the joys of the season.

I've added "Christmas Fanfare" to the Composition Free Exchange page in case anyone needs a seasonal flourish. I've been using this fanfare in my Christmas Eve program for years and if it sounds at all familiar it may be because I used it to open my Prelude and Fugue in Eb Major. There are two versions, F Major and Eb Major, and I've used them in different ways. Depending on what follows, I sometimes end with great drama on the Dominant Seventh chord and then go into the next piece (Hark! The Herald Angels Sing works well). Or, if the next piece has an introduction, I most likely end the fanfare as written.
Christmas Fanfare (F Major or Eb Major)

Poetry Contest Prizes Announcement
I am extremely pleased to officially announce the prizes for the 1st Annual "Ode to Organ Shoes" Poetry Contest. The persons who submit the three winning tributes to their organ shoes as voted on by the community will receive a FREE T-shirt. IN ADDITION, the person who receives the greatest number of votes will receive the GRAND PRIZE: a gift certificate for a FREE pair of Organmaster Organ Shoes (includes tax and shipping!). So write those tributes and email them to

Also for Christmas
View the selection of Christmas CDs at the CD Store featuring organist James Welch, organ/trumpet duo Timothy Moke and Charles Luedtke, and organist Dan Long:

For the CHILDREN on your shopping list. Billy Jonas' video is great musical entertainment for kids of all ages. Recorded live, the audience participation encourages kids and adults to join in and share in the music making.

Videos, DVDs, Metronomes, Books, Posters, and Sheet Music:

DON'T MISS the newly posted organ cartoon by Cory Edwards. There's even a special version for printing out and posting on the choir room bulletin board.
Musician Jokes page:



Have a great week and enjoy the holidays!

Dan Long

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