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October 12, 2001
Vol. I, No. 19

With recent events in mind, many of us are taking the opportunity to reevaluate our priorities. When the organ or choir notes fade and we leave the bench, put down the baton or take off our headphones, we all have other interests and activities that we enjoy in addition to our love of music: family, friends, careers, hobbies, or, with any luck, perhaps all of the above. is now five months old. From the beginning I was interested in the idea of an online community so I chose the mission statement: "Building a community dedicated to the pipe organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach." As the website developed, I realized that my focus had shifted from the music of J.S. Bach to the people who love his music. Given that there are plenty of websites devoted to Bach's music and to the man himself, I have chosen this five-month milestone to rededicate with a new mission statement: "A website dedicated to building a community of people who love the pipe organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach." While it is a small distinction, I think it more accurately reflects what this website is about and where it is headed.

I very much enjoy communicating with all of you and in the spirit of community would encourage you to seek out each other as well. Two weeks ago I inaugurated the New World Bulletin Board for use by the community. Drop by and leave a message and see who replies. What a great way to meet others who are finding their way to and share your ideas, concerns and experiences. [No longer functioning. -Ed.]

Have a good week!

Dan Long

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