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September 28, 2001
Vol. I, No. 17

"Starting Over"
In my last email I shared with you my experience of living and working through the tragic events which occurred here in New York City two weeks ago. While it was natural for me to focus then on events that were affecting me directly, we all realize now that this wasn't another in a long parade of news stories happening "over there" or "here at home." The global nature of the events of September 11 is reflected in the fact that families and friends of victims from over 70 countries are now in mourning. With the military deploying, the circle of mourners is sure to widen.

Last week we were asked to begin returning to our lives. What we discovered was that there is no going back. Our lives have been transformed, first by great tragedy and then, more importantly by our reaction to it. We now live in a world where there appears to exist a great deal more concern and appreciation for each other. My hope is that we somehow find a way to sustain this "new world." Toward that end I have set up the New World Bulletin Board for the community. It may be used for memorializing a lost loved one or simply as an outlet for the tremendous emotions generated by this experience. [No longer functioning. -Ed.]

What Else Can We Do?
Words can't begin to express the tremendous sacrifices made by the rescue heroes here in NYC and in Washington, DC, some giving their lives, some still in harm's way. I'd like to suggest that, in addition to contributions of money and donations of blood, everyone consider giving a gift of music to your local firehouse. Drop off a CD or two, whether it's something you recorded or something you like to listen to. It's a small gesture but we all know the healing power of music and if anyone needs our support right now and in the future it's these men and their families.

Dan Long

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