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August 1, 2001
Vol. I, No. 12

"What's Your Favorite Organ?"
The Organ Links page today welcomes the John Brombaugh & Associates Opus 35. Completed in June, this truly gorgeous instrument is installed at First Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Illinois, USA. John Brombaugh has been kind enough to provide a series of photos and captions describing the organ in various stages of assembly. The slide show I created can be accessed from the Organ Links page link below:

Has anyone heard this instrument? I'd like to add your comments to the Organ Links page.

Does your favorite organ have a web page? Email the link with a couple of sentences explaining why it's your favorite organ and it will be added to the Organ Links page.

By the Way
Check out the August issue of The American Organist, pages 63-64, for coverage of Special thanks to John Nisbet who covered the website in his AGO/RCCOnLine column. Here's his website:

Thanks again, John!

Have a great week everyone!

Dan Long

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