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June 15, 2001
Vol. I, No. 6

"Getting Religion, Part 2"
Two weeks ago I highlighted an article about J.S. Bach by Bernard D. Sherman. If you visited Mr. Sherman's website, you may have read another article there, a review of the book "Bach and the Patterns of Invention," by Laurence Dreyfus. Mr. Sherman's review will give you plenty to think about even before you read Dreyfus' book.

Review of "Bach and the Patterns of Invention" by Bernard D. Sherman:

Buy it now at! "Bach and the Patterns of Invention" by Laurence Dreyfus:

Discussions about how Bach composed inevitably lead to discussions about the role his religion played in his work methods. I'm sure many such discussions will take place this coming week at the Association of Anglican Musicians 2001 Conference in New York City. The conference begins Sunday, June 17, and runs through Friday, June 22. Their website contains an interesting elaboration on this year's conference theme which is "Music as Preaching and Prophecy: Proclaiming the Gospel in Song."

Association of Anglican Musicians Online:

Church musicians as preachers: an idea often taken for granted that may have originated with Johann Sebastian Bach himself.

Have a great week!

Dan Long

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