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May 10, 2001
Vol. I, No. 1

From the Editor
Welcome to the launch of! This new website is dedicated to building a community of people who love the organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach. In the future, this column will contain a handful of hard opinion served up in plain talk. But this being the launch, I'll take the opportunity to briefly introduce you to

The cornerstone of will be the sharing of experiences and ideas related to J.S. Bach and the organ. I'm getting the ball rolling by sharing a tribute to my college organ professor, Garth Peacock, links to my favorite organs, the first nominees to the Organ Shoes Hall of Fame, and the story of my obsession with the free organ works of J.S. Bach (coming soon). My hope is that you will flood my inbox with emails full of your experiences and that soon, instead of me, this website will be about all of YOU!

The Resources page contains a wide variety of FREE pages that you may find useful and interesting: clip art, classifieds, links to organ programs, and fun stuff like puzzles and jokes.

Also, please visit our internet stores. There are currently seven: books, CDs, sheet music, metronomes, art prints, videos, and DVDs. Purchases made at these stores will directly support the activities of

Coming up: I read recently that the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America (APOBA) has announced their preference for pipe organs containing pipes. Next week I hope to explore this startling announcement in greater detail right here in this column. Please join me. In the meantime, enjoy and feel free to email your comments and opinions to You may see them in our Feedback column.

Dan Long

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