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JULY 2002

Monthly Links Archive

Below are items you may have seen this month in a certain monthly organ magazine.

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Opus 117 Specifications, Bridges Hall, Pomona College, Claremont, CA, C.B. Fisk Inc. Organbuilders

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Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Alexandria, VA, Casavant

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Background, Specifications, St. John Lutheran Church, Marion Springs, MI, Fowler Organ Co

Opus 26 Specifications, All Souls' Episcopal Church, Oklahoma City, OK, M.L. Bigelow & Co. Inc.

Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, Holtkamp

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Background, Rollins College Chapel, Winter Park, FL, Dyer

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Redeemer Lutheran Church, Bettendorf, IA, Bedient

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Installation photos, Specifications (next to last on page), Storm Lake United Methodist Church, Storm Lake, IA, Bedient

St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Oxford, MS, Schantz

Miller's Lutheran Church, Hickory, NC, Casavant

Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church, Franklin, TN, Schoenstein

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Specifications, First Lutheran Church, West Seattle, WA, Noack


Fanfare on 'America the Beautiful' By Matthew H. Corl. Edited by Dale Tucker. Organ solo. Level: intermediate +. 16 pages. Published by Warner Brothers. (GSTC9607)
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Intrada for Organ By Matthew H. Corl. Edited by Dale Tucker. Classical and sacred organ. Level: upper intermediate. 8 pages. Published by Warner Brothers. (GSTCM00001)
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SING PRAISE! Varied Accompaniments for Fourteen Hymns, by Matthew H. Corl Edited by Dale Tucker. Arranged by Matthew H. Corl. Classical and sacred organ. Level: upper intermediate. 44 pages. Published by Warner Brothers. (GBM0003)
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SUITE NOEL Four Pieces for Organ Based on French Carols by Matthew H. Corl Edited by Dale Tucker. Arranged by Matthew H. Corl. Classical and sacred organ. Level: upper intermediate. 20 pages. Published by Warner Brothers. (GBM0103)
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Three Hymn Improvisations Edited by Dale Tucker. Arranged by Matthew H. Corl. Classical and sacred organ. Level: intermediate. 20 pages. Published by Warner Brothers. (GB9905)
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Variations on NUN DANKET ALL (Grafenberg) for Organ - by Matthew H. Corl By Matthew H. Corl. Edited by Dale Tucker. Classical and sacred organ. Level: upper intermediate. 16 pages. Published by Warner Brothers. (GSTCM0104)
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Twelve Choral Preludes on Gregorian Chant Themes By Jeanne Demessieux. Edited by Judi Gowe. Organ collection. 36 pages. Published by Warner Brothers. (0603)
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Te Deum, Op. 11 Organ Solo. By Jeanne Demessieux. Editions Durand. Size 9x12 inches. 12 pages. Published by Durand. (50562828)
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Easter Glory - Twelve Pieces for Organ mulitple authors. For pipe organ. Kevin Mayhew Ltd. Sacred, liturgical. Level: Intermediate. Book. Solos. Size 9x12. 56 pages. Published by Kevin Mayhew Publications. (96051)
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cover Arturo Toscanini: The NBC Years by Mortimer H. Frank
Book Description
Mortimer Frank's Arturo Toscanini: The NBC Years details Toscanini's magnificent and heroic 17 years (1937-1954) conducting the NBC Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra was created for him when he was 70, and he stayed at its helm into his 87th year.

The archival broadcast recordings documented and reassessed in this lively account comprise the most complete recorded legacy of Toscanini's orchestral conducting career. But they are also something more, for they provide ample evidence that Toscanini's work before an audience was often more compelling than his efforts in the recording studio. They are also more complete, because the broadcast recordings include his readings of many scores for which he left no approved recording, and his NBC career included performances of works he never conducted before coming to the network. In all, Mortimer Frank's sympathetic yet honest work adds much to what is known about Toscanini's years at NBC and in so doing corrects misconceptions about the period and the man.

The concerts and the broadcasts were immensely popular. For Toscanini's first appearance with the NBC Symphony, the network received 50,000 requests for 1400 available seats. Getting a seat was never easy, but millions of listeners could tune in by radio, and for generations Toscanini's name became synonymous with conducting. His legendary art and fiery personality also engendered controversy that has yet to subside, but this account takes on the challengers, accepting neither hero worship nor criticism that ignores the evidence.

For Toscanini's fans, partisans, and critics alike, Toscanini: The NBC Years is a magnificent resource, with season-by-season analysis, repertoire lists, videography, and discography, including non-NBC recordings and unreleased recordings, and rare photos of Toscanini during his NBC years. The volume is a resounding testimony to Toscanini's art and spirit.

cover Bruno Walter: A World Elsewhere by Erik S. Ryding, Rebecca Pechefsky
Book Description
Bruno Walter, one of the greatest conductors in the twentieth century, lived a fascinating life in difficult times. This engrossing book is the first full-length biography of Walter to appear in English.

Erik Ryding and Rebecca Pechefsky describe Walter's early years in Germany, where his successes in provincial theaters led to positions at the Berlin State Opera and the Vienna State Opera. They then tell of his decade-long term as Bavarian music director and his romantic involvement with the soprano Delia Reinhardt; his other positions in the musical community until he was ousted from Germany when the Nazi Party came to power in 1933; and his return to Vienna, where he was artistic director of the Opera House until he was again forced out by the Nazis. Finally they trace his career in the United States, where he led the New York Philharmonic and other orchestras and in his last years made numerous recordings with the Columbia Symphony Orchestra, an ensemble created especially for him. Ryding and Pechefsky are the first biographers to make extensive use of the thousands of unpublished letters in the Bruno Walter Papers, now in the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. In addition to interviewing more than sixty people who knew Walter, they examined countless reviews to assess the popular and critical impact he had on his times. Authoritative and even-handed, this biography sheds new light on Walter, one of the great formative influences in musical interpretation.

No Cover Image A Chronicle of First Broadcast Performances of Musical Works in the United Kingdom, 1923-1996 by Alastair Mitchell, Alan Poulton (Editor)
cover Clara Schumann: The Artist and the Woman by Nancy B. Reich
Look inside! This book has 21 sample pages. Click here to see them.
cover Composing Music With Computers by Eduardo Miranda
Look inside! This book has 20 sample pages. Click here to see them.
Book Description
* Written by an experienced practicing musician, researcher and lecturer
* Features practical examples and comprehensive explanations of essential methods and techniques
* Companion CD-ROM contains compositional examples, tutorials and sample software

Composing Music with Computers focuses on the role of the computer as a generative tool for music composition. Miranda introduces a number of computer music composition techniques ranging from probabilities, formal grammars and fractals, to genetic algorithms, cellular automata and neural computation. Anyone wishing to use the computer as a companion to create music will find this book a valuable resource. As a comprehensive guide with full explanations of technical terms, it is suitable for students, professionals and enthusiasts alike.
No Cover Image The Finale in Western Instrumental Music by Michael Talbot
cover Foundations in Singing by John Glenn Paton, Van A. Christy
Book Description
A practical, effective combination of textbook and song anthology, Foundations in Singing helps students master the essentials of vocal technique. Addressing the particular needs of beginners, the positive language provides encouragement while the solid pedagogy and wide selction of songs promote understanding.
cover How to Develop Your Child's Musical Gifts and Talents by Sandra Reid
Book Description
Learn to inspire and cultivate your child's musical talents Scientific research shows that learning music at a young age promises a child's cognitive, spatial, and creative development. How to Develop Your Child's Musical Gifts and Talents offers you practical advice on how to encourage your child's emotional and intellectual growth through music. Includes tip on how to choose an instruments and how to select a music teacher.
No Cover Image Marian Anderson (Journey to Freedom) by James Meadows
No Cover Image Masterpieces of Music Before 1750: An Anthology of Musical Examples from Gregorian Chant to J.S. Bach by Carl Parrish (Editor), John F. Ohl (Editor)
No Cover Image The Music of Berlioz by Julian Rushton
No Cover Image The Music of Early Lutheranism: Shaping the Tradition (1524-1672) by Carl Schalk
cover Musical Instruments: Traditions and Craftsmanship from Prehistory to the Present by Lucie Rault
Look inside! This book has 18 sample pages. Click here to see them.
cover No Vivaldi in the Garage: A Requiem for Classical Music in North America by Sheldon Morgenstern
Book Description
For nearly forty years, Sheldon Morgenstern has passionately devoted his life's work to classical music in a highly successful career as musician, symphony orchestra conductor, teacher, and director of a major music festival. In this intriguing memoir, he weaves together the engaging story of his own experiences with forthright and harsh commentary on the people and institutions responsible for the rapidly deteriorating state of the performing arts in the United States and Canada.
cover Stravinsky's Late Music by Joseph Nathan Straus
Look inside! This book has 13 sample pages. Click here to see them.
cover What's a Sequencer?: A Basic Guide to Their Features and Use by Greg R. Starr, Emile Menasche
Look inside! This book has 14 sample pages. Click here to see them.

cover Four Centuries of Belgian Organ Music
On this CD:
1. Fantasia primi toni
2. Preludiuim-fuga (primo tono) for organ
3. Fantasia (primo tono) for organ
4. Prélude in E flat à 5 Parties
5. Prière in E
6. Études (24) pour orgue avec ou sans pédals No. 2 in C major
7. Études (24) pour orgue avec ou sans pédals No. 7 in D minor
8. Études (24) pour orgue avec ou sans pédals No. 11 in D minor
9. Méthode d'orgue No. 13 in A minor
10. Méthode d'orgue No. 9 in D minor
11. Fantasie for organ in C major, Op 16/M 28
12. Choral, for organ
13. Organetto, miniatures (7) for organ

cover Visions of Eternity
On this CD:
1. Hymne d'Action de Grâce: Te Deum, Op. 5/3
2. Rhapsody for organ in C sharp minor, Op. 17/3
3. Prière in C sharp minor for organ, Op. 20 (M32)
4. Visions of Eternity, for organ solo
5. Psalm Preludes for organ, Set 2, Op. 32/2
6. In Paradisum
7. Deep River, gospel hymn for organ
8. Amazing Grace for organ
9. Alleluyas
10. Chorale Improvisation on "Victimae Paschali" for organ

cover An Appleton Anthology
On this CD:
1. Prelude & Fugue in D Major, for organ
2. The Battle of Prague, piano sonata Abridged version
3. Eleven Pieces for Musical Clock in C, F, and G, HWV 587 - 597 Flute solo and Gigue, for musical flute clock: Flute solo
4. Eleven Pieces for Musical Clock in C, F, and G, HWV 587 - 597 Flute solo and Gigue: Gigue
5. Concerto for organ/harpsichord, No 6 in B flat Organ Solo
6. The Star-Spangled Banner (not the well known version)
7. Grand Centennial March 1st section
8. Vom Himmel hoch, chorale prelude for organ
9. Fantasia & Fugue in C minor/major, for organ
10. Voluntary for organ in G major, Op. 7/9 Voluntary No. 9 in G Major
11. March
12. Variations on "Lasst uns das Kindelein Wiegen," for organ
13. Saints' Days Gabriel
14. Work(s) [Unspecified] Magnificat on the 9th Psalm Tone: 1st setting
15. Work(s) [Unspecified] Magnificat on the 9th Psalm Tone: 2nd setting
16. Sarabande from Trio Sonata No. 3, transcribed for organ (after Handel)
17. Eleven Pieces for Musical Clock in C, F, and G, HWV 587 - 597 Flute solo and Gigue, for musical flute clock: Flute solo
18. Joshua, oratorio, HWV 64 O Had I Jubal's Lyre
19. Dialogo
20. Work(s) [Unspecified] Voluntary
21. Variations (4) on the hymn tune Nettleton, for organ [unspecifed] variation
22. Choral Song and Fugue for organ Choral Song
23. Choral Song and Fugue for organ Fugue
24. Flute Voluntary for organ [Part 1]
25. Flute Voluntary for organ [Part 2]
26. Fantasia à Gusto Italiano for organ in F major
27. Voluntary for double organ in D minor, Z. 719
28. Theodora, oratorio, HWV 68 Angels Ever Bright and Fair
29. Trumpet Voluntary, for organ
30. Prelude & fugue for organ in D minor, Op. 37/3 Prelude

cover British Organists Of The 1920's
On this CD:
1. Fanfare for organ
2. Canzona for Organ, B2466 (Second of Four Pieces Making Up the Tenth Book-Op. 40. )
3. Toccatina for organ, B2466
4. Trio sonata for organ No. 1 in E flat major, BWV 525 1st Movement
5. Prelude and Fugue for organ in D major ("Little"), BWV 532
6. Fantaisie for organ in E flat
7. Pensee d'Automne, No 2, Op 47
8. Choral Song and Fugue for organ
9. Organ Sonata No. 3 in A major, Op. 65/3
10. Sonatas (20) for organ, No 8 in E minor, Op 132 Scherzo
11. Melody for organ in A flat, B2542 (fromPieces in Different Styles, Book Three, Op 17)
12. Imperial March for orchestra, Op.32
13. Cantilène Nuptiale, C1297
14. Fantasia, the Storm for organ, C1364 (Grand Fantasia in E Minor)
15. Voluntary for organ in C minor
16. Postlude for organ in C
17. Tuba Tune for organ
18. Choral-Improvisations (66) for organ, Op 65

cover Nielsen on Brass
On this CD:
1. Symphony No. 3, Op 27/FS 60 "Sinfonia espansiva"
2. Prelude for organ No. 3, op. 51/3
3. Prelude for organ No. 2, op. 51/2
4. Prelude for organ No. 10 op. 51/10
5. Prelude for organ No. 11, op. 51/11
6. Prelude for organ No. 16, op. 51/16
7. Prelude for organ No. 18, op. 51/18
8. Prelude for organ No. 22, op. 51/22
9. Prelude for organ No. 28, op. 51/28
10. Prelude for organ No. 23, op. 51/23
11. Aladdin, incidental music, Op 34/FS 89

cover Organ and the Panpipe in the Cistercian Abbey in Jedrzejów
On this CD:
1. Sonata for organ in A minor, Wq 70/4, H85
2. Doina I & II, for panpipes & organ
3. Doina III, for panpipes & organ
4. Chora, for panpipes & organ
5. Conradus, for organ
6. Chorea Ferdinandi, for organ
7. Taniec No. 3, for organ
8. Chorea Simonis, for organ
9. Villanella, for organ
10. Praeambulum for organ in 6th tone
11. Praeambulum for organ in 1st tone
12. Fugue for organ
13. Ellens Gesang III ("Ave Maria"), song for voice & piano, D. 839 (Op. 52/6)
14. Ave Maria
15. Fantasia for organ in A minor
16. Romance
17. Prelude for organ ("Twoja czesc chwala")
18. Prelude for organ ("Z tej biednej ziemi")
19. Prelude for organ ("Racz wiekuiste dac odpoczywanie")
20. Prelude for organ ("Jezu w Ogrójcu mdlejacy")

Monthly Links Archive