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October 2003

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Below are items you may have seen this month in a certain monthly organ magazine.

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Description, St. John the Beloved Church, Summerville, South Carolina, Peragallo

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Joseph Chapline Studio, Newbury, New Hampshire, Chapline Organs

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Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Killingworth, Connecticut, Karl Wilhelm Inc.

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Stephen J. Ketterer residence, Washington, Connecticut, von Beckerath

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More Photos, Article, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Savannah, Georgia, Schantz

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University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, Noack

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Dickinson residence, Louisville, Kentucky, Steiner-Reck

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Kernersville Moravian Church, Kernersville, North Carolina, Nordlie

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Penn State University, Erie, Pennsylvania, Ott

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Description, Specifications, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Conf Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, Schoenstein

cover An American Musical Dynasty: A Biography of the Wolle Family of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania by Paul S. Larson

cover Chopin's Funeral by Benita Eisler
The author of the acclaimed biography Byron: Child of Passion, Fool of Fame brings to life a closely focused portrait of another great romantic artist, Frédéric Chopin. At twenty-one, Chopin fled Russian-occupied Poland for exile in France. He would never see his native country again. With only two public concerts in as many years, he became a star of Parisian society and a legendary performer at its salons, revered by his great contemporaries Schumann, Liszt, and the painter Eugène Delacroix. Blessed with genius, success, and the love of Europe’s most famous—and infamous—woman novelist, George Sand, Chopin’s years of triumph ended with his expulsion from paradise: less than two decades after his conquest of Paris, the composer lay destitute and dying in the arms of Sand’s estranged daughter, Solange. Chopin’s Funeral is the story of this fatal fall from grace, of an Oedipal tragedy unfolding, and of illness and loss redeemed by the radical breakthrough of the composer’s last style. Richly textured and artfully compressed, Chopin’s Funeral is an intimate close-up of an embattled man, grappling with conflict on all sides: family violence, political passions, and, not least, his own dependency and pride. With consummate skill Benita Eisler tells the story of the artist as exile, of an explosive love affair, and of worlds—private and public—convulsed by momentous change.

cover Composers of Classical Music of Jewish Descent by Lewis Stevens

cover Composing for Voice: A Guide for Composers, Singers and Teachers by Paul Barker
Although there have been many texts on the art of singing, and others on composition, there are none on the unique challenges of composing for the voice. This book, written by a well-known contemporary composer and pedagogue, fills that gap by offering a comprehensive survey of issues surrounding both the singer and the composer. The book primarily focuses on classical vocal music, but also draws on examples from jazz, Broadway/theatrical, operatic, and popular music. From understanding the mechanics of the voice through techniques to wed text to music, this book will aid both composers and vocalists to better understand each other's craft.

cover The Modern Invention of Medieval Music : Scholarship, Ideology, Performance by Daniel Leech-Wilkinson
Scholars and performers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries attempted to revive music that could evoke the Middle Ages. They invented new sounds and new ways of understanding medieval music. This is the fascinating story of the musicians and the societies in which they worked to remake a lost musical world.

cover Music and Ideology in Cold War Europe by Mark Carroll
This study analyzes the radicalization of art music in early post-war France in its broader socio-cultural and political context, pursuing two lines of inquiry. The first details the attitudes towards musical conservatism and innovation adopted by cultural strategists representing Western and Soviet ideological interests at the onset of the Cold War. The second, which draws upon the commentaries of Adorno and Sartre, recognizes that the Cold War generated a heightened political awareness among French musicians precisely when the social relevance of avant-garde music had become the subject of widespread debate.

cover The Organ As a Mirror of Its Time: North European Reflections, 1610-2000 by Kerala J. Snyder
Because it has always represented a rich collaboration of the music, art, architecture, handicraft and science of its day, the organ, more than any other instrument, continues to reflect the spirit of the age in which it was built. The Organ as a Mirror of its Time, the first book to consider this instrument's historical and cultural significance, reflects the efforts of twenty leading scholars of the organ.L The book chronicles the history of six organs in Scandinavia and Northern Germany, at least one specimen for every century from 1600 to the present. By considering their original contexts and their histories since they were built, as well as the extraordinary coincidences that link them together, the book offers a unique perspective on the cultural history of northern Europe. A CD with appropriate repertoire played on each of the six instruments accompanies the book.

cover Organists and Organ Playing in Nineteenth-Century France and Belgium by Orpha C. Ochse
An account of the rise to brilliance of the organ profession in France and Belgium in the nineteenth century.

cover Eugène Gigout: The Complete Organ Works, 1
On this CD:
1. Rhapsodie sur des Airs Catalans, for organ
2. Suite de Six Pièces, for organ
3. Prelude & Fugue for organ in E flat
4. Andante Varié for organ
5. Allegro con brio for organ Allegro con brio

cover Eugène Gigout: The Complete Organ Works, Vol. 2
On this CD:

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