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May 2005

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Specifications, More Photos, Article, Selwyn College - Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, Létourneau

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Specifications, Church of the Holy Spirit, Sparta, Michigan, Bedient

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Description, Specifications, More Photos, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, Bigelow

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Sixth Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Casavant

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Trinity Lutheran Church (WELS), Waukesha, Wisonsin, Ott

cover Blessed Are The Music Makers: Warm-ups for the Musician's Spirit by Alan J. Hommerding

cover Conversations with Boulez : Thoughts on Conducting by Jean Vermeil
A giant of postwar music and the most powerful figure in the contemporary French music scene, Pierre Boulez talks about his career as one of the world's most controversial conductors and daring programmers of musical text. These candid interviews give us vintage Boulez: his bold views, enigmatic wit, practical wisdom, and uncompromising beliefs.

cover Brahms and the German Spirit by Daniel Beller-McKenna
The music of Johannes Brahms is deeply colored, Daniel Beller-McKenna shows, by nineteenth-century German nationalism and by Lutheran religion. Focusing on the composer's choral works, the author offers new insight on the cultural grounding for Brahms's music. Music historians have been reluctant to address Brahms's Germanness, wary perhaps of fascist implications. Beller-McKenna counters this tendency; by giving an account of the intertwining of nationalism, politics, and religion that underlies major works, he restores Brahms to his place in nineteenth-century German culture. The author explores Brahms's interest in the folk element in old church music; the intense national pride expressed in works such as the Triumphlied; the ways Luther's Bible and Lutheranism are reflected in Brahms's music; and the composer's ideas about nation building. The final chapter looks at Brahms's nationalistic image as employed by the National Socialists, 1933-1945, and as witnessed earlier in the century (including the complication of rumors that Brahms was Jewish). In comparison to the overtly nationalist element in Wagner's music, the German elements in Brahms's style have been easy to overlook. This nuanced study uncovers those nationalistic elements, enriching our understanding both of Brahms's art and of German culture.

cover The Cambridge Companion to Sibelius by Daniel M. Grimley (Editor)
This Companion provides an up-to-date introduction to the life and music of Finland's greatest composer, Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). Divided into four sections, it explores Sibelius's early career, his major musical achievements, historical reception and influence, and the performance and interpretation of his work. Sibelius emerges as one of the most striking figures in twentieth-century music. The book will be of interest to performers and the general public as well as serious scholars.

cover Catholic Choral Music in Vietnam 1945-1975 by Paul Van Chi Chu

cover C.P.E. Bach and the Rebirth of the Strophic Song by William H. Youngren
C.P.E. Bach and the Rebirth of the Strophic Song brings to light the overlooked fact that C.P.E. Bach wrote a great many songs, most of which are as under appreciated as they are exemplary. All interested listeners, from amateurs to professional musicologists and singers, will benefit from the insight captured by this book.

cover Composing for Voice: A Guide for Composers, Singers and Teachers by Paul Barker
Although there have been many texts on the art of singing, and others on composition, there are none on the unique challenges of composing for the voice. This book, written by a well-known contemporary composer and pedagogue, fills that gap by offering a comprehensive survey of issues surrounding both the singer and the composer. The book primarily focuses on classical vocal music, but also draws on examples from jazz, Broadway/theatrical, operatic, and popular music. From understanding the mechanics of the voice through techniques to wed text to music, this book will aid both composers and vocalists to better understand each other's craft.

cover The English Bach Awakening: Knowledge Of J.s. Bach And His Music In England 1750-1830 by Michael Kassler (Editor)

cover The Life of Bach by Peter Williams
Like Shakespeare, J.S. Bach is known largely by his works. Peter Williams asks many questions in this examination of the man as well as the composer. What was Bach like as a youth, father, and, eventually, church elder? What music did he know and how did he compose and perform such an amazing amount? Ultimately, Williams questions the effects of unremitting acclaim on objective evaluations of J.S. Bach.

cover Oxford Dictionary Of Musical Terms by Alison Latham (Editor)

cover Thinking Musically: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Bonnie C. Wade
Designed for undergraduates with little or no background in the subject, Thinking Musically is an ideal core text for any introductory world music or ethnomusicology course. It incorporates music from many diverse cultures and establishes the conceptual framework for exploring these cultures in a global context. The central book in the Global Music Series, it is supported by a variety of single-volume case studies, each of which covers a single musical culture. Thinking Musically discusses the importance of musical instruments and describes their significance in a culture's folklore, religion, and history. It also defines fundamental musical terms and concepts including rhythm, pitch, sound, scale, and melody, and examines how they vary across the traditions of world music. Considering the effects of cultural influences such as gender and ethnicity on the perception, interpretation, and performance of music, the text also looks at how the forces of nationalism, acculturation, and westernization can affect musical traditions. It concludes with an instructive chapter on how to conduct fieldwork in ethnomusicology. Thinking Musically is packaged with a 70-minute CD that features selections from a wide variety of musical cultures and includes activities designed to build critical listening skills.

cover Twentieth-Century Piano Music by David Burge
Now in paperback! In Twentieth-Century Piano Music, David Burge offers a personal and inviting overview of the often challenging music written for solo piano during this century, an artistic response by a pianist and educator widely acclaimed for introducing much of this literature to the repertoire. Divided into four sections, each covering a key historical period, the text examines the development of different styles and compositional techniques, and integrates historical and artistic details with a sophisticated and accessible approach to the music. Burge offers cogent performance suggestions for selected works of Copland, Stockhausen, Boulez, Berio, Cage, Crumb, and others.

cover Worship Wars in Early Lutheranism: Choir, Congregation, and Three Centuries of Conflict by Joseph Herl
Sixteenth-century Lutherans sang hymns in church—-true or false? In this book, Joseph Herl draws on hundreds of liturgical documents, contemporary accounts of services, sermons, instructional and polemical writings on church music, and other sources to show that quite often the answer was "false." He then traces the path of Lutheran church music for the next two centuries to show how Lutherans acquired their reputation as the "singing church." This path was treacherous and fraught with conflict. In the sixteenth century, Lutherans were buffeted by Catholicism on one side and the Swiss Reformation on the other. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Lutheran churches were caught up in a debate over a new style of church music that many found more entertaining than devotional. This debate was to have a strong impact on musicians such as Johann Sebastian Bach and his contemporaries. By the end of the eighteenth century, Lutherans were trying to hold their own against a new secularism, and many clergy favored a wholesale revision or even abandonment of the historic liturgy in order to make worship more relevant in contemporary society. Herl paints a vivid picture of these developments, using as a backdrop the gradual transition from a choral to a congregational liturgy. The author eschews the usual analyses of musical repertoire and deals instead with events, people and ideas, drawing readers inside the story and helping them sense what it must have been like to attend a Lutheran church in the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries. Parallel developments in Catholic churches are discussed, as are the rise of organ accompaniment of hymns and various questions of musical performance practice. Although written with academic precision, the writing is clear and comprehensible to the nonspecialist, and entertaining anecdotes abound, including stories about the congregation that pelted the preacher with vegetables and the organist who had just three postludes: the hoppity, the skippity and the jumpity. The appendixes include translations of several important historical documents and a set of tables outlining the Lutheran mass as presented in 172 different liturgical orders. The bibliography includes 400 Lutheran church orders and reports of ecclesiastical visitations read by the author.

In Praise of Bach A Fantasy for Organ On Bach. By Samuel Adler. For organ. Duration 7 Mins. Published by Theodore Presser Company. (113400390)
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Saeya Op. 50 (L'oiseau Bleu) - Organ Solo By Guillou. (org solo). 16 pages. Published by Schott - Einzelausgabe (single editions). (ED9683)
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Pezzi Speciali (1984) By Schroeder / Lohmann. (organ). Published by Schott - Einzelausgabe (single editions). (ED9757)
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In Memoriam By Ross Anderson. organ. Level: 3-staff. Sacred organ. Published by Lorenz Publishing Company. (70/1421L)
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Amazing Grace Arranged by Behnke. For Handbell. (4 octaves). Published by National Music Publishers. (HB267)
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Six Hymntune Preludes for Funerals and Memorial Services Arranged by Austin C. Lovelace. For Organ. Organ. Orginal working title Six Hymntune Preludes. Level: easy/medium. 17 pages. Published by GIA Publications. (G-5961)
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10 Chorale Prelude By Senfter. Arranged by Brunner. (organ). 32 pages. Published by Schott - Einzelausgabe (single editions). (ED9603)
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Free Harmonizations Forhymn-Singing By Howard Helvey. (Organ Collection). Organ Collections. Published by Beckenhorst Press. (OC18)
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The Last Verse For Organ\ By Jan Linker. (Organ Collection). Organ Collections. Published by Beckenhorst Press. (OC12)
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The Last Verse Ii By Jan Linker. (Organ Collection). Organ Collections. Published by Beckenhorst Press. (OC22)
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Fifteen Free Harmonizations Arranged by Austin C. Lovelace. For Organ. Organ. Level: easy/medium. 14 pages. Published by GIA Publications. (G-5962)
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200 Last Verses for Manuals - sheet music at 200 Last Verses for Manuals by Noel Rawsthorne. For Organ. keyboard-accompaniment. Kevin Mayhew Ltd. Sacred. Level: Beginning-Intermediate. Book. Size 7x10. 200 pages. Published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd. (97784)
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cover Great European Organs 69
On this CD:
Label: Priory Records

cover The Organ Works of Francis Jackson [BOX SET]
On this CD:
Performers: Colin Walsh, Francis Jackson, et al.

cover Hidden in Humbleness
On this CD:
1. Christ Mighty Saviour
2. Ride On, Ride On in Majesty
3. O Lord, How Shall I Meet You
4. Hosanna to the Son of David
5. Who is This
6. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
7. O Vos Omnes
8. Solus and Victimam
9. This is the Day the Lord has Made
10. With a Voice of Singing
11. Good Christian Friends, Rejoice and Sing
12. On Emmaus Journey
13. An Easter Proclamation
14. Hidden Christ, Alive Forever
15. When in Our Music God is Glorified
16. My Life Flows on in Endless Song

cover Lux Mundi
On this CD:
Performers: Choir of Keble College, Stopford, Bullamor

cover Improvises
On this CD:
Performer: Peter Planyavsky

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