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April 2005

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Description, Specifications, More Photos, Article, St. Paul's Church, Rock Creek Parish, Washington, DC, Dobson

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Description, Specifications, New York Stake Center, The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, New York, New York, Glück

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More Photos, St. John's Episcopal Church, Hollywood, Florida, Bunn-Minnick

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Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church, Rocklin, California, Bedient

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First United Methodist Church, Jasper, Alabama, Casavant

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Article, St. John's Episcopal Church, Montgomery, Alabama, Wicks

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Description, Specifications, More Photos, Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Wilmington, Delaware, Cornel Zimmer

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Festivale Baroque de Lamèque, Lamèque, New Brunswick, Wilhelm

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Specifications, St. Gabriel's Church, Cincinnati, Ohio, Wicks

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Holy Trinity Church, Ste. Agathe, Quebec, Wilhelm

cover English Eighteenth-century Concertos: An Inventory And Thematic Catalogue by OWAIN EDWARDS

cover For the End of Time: The Story of the Messiaen Quartet by Rebecca Rischin
Olivier Messiaen (1908–1992) was one of the great composers of the twentieth century. The premiere of the French composer’s Quartet for the End of Time on January 15, 1941 at -4 degrees Fahrenheit in Stalag VIIIA, a Nazi prison camp, has been called one of the great stories of twentieth century music. A devout Catholic with an interest in mysticism and the supernatural, Messiaen was also a poet and an accomplished amateur ornithologist. He mixed sounds as a painter mixes colors, associating specific shades with certain modes and chords.

cover Hymnal Collections of North America by Tina M. Schneider
Hymnal Collections of North America provides updated descriptions, addresses, web sites, and contact information for 327 hymnal collections held by libraries, individuals, museums, historical societies, denominational archives, and other organizations. Indexed by denomination, chronological holdings, languages represented, and hymnal types, this directory provides a current profile of unique hymnal collections both great and small, and includes an extensive bibliography of literature related to studies of hymnals and hymnal collections.

cover Metaphor and Musical Thought by Michael Spitzer
The experience of music is an abstract and elusive one, enough so that we're often forced to describe it using analogies to other forms and sensations: we say that music moves or rises like a physical form; that it contains the imagery of paintings or the grammar of language. In these and countless other ways, our discussions of music take the form of metaphor, attempting to describe music's abstractions by referencing more concrete and familiar experiences. Michael Spitzer's Metaphor and Musical Thought uses this process to create a unique and insightful history of our relationship with music--the first ever book-length study of musical metaphor in any language. Treating issues of language, aesthetics, semiotics, and cognition, Spitzer offers an evaluation, a comprehensive history, and an original theory of the ways our cultural values have informed the metaphors we use to address music. And as he brings these discussions to bear on specific works of music and follows them through current debates on how music's meaning might be considered, what emerges is a clear and engaging guide to both the philosophy of musical thought and the history of musical analysis, from the seventeenth century to the present day. Spitzer writes engagingly for students of philosophy and aesthetics, as well as for music theorists and historians.

cover Michael William Balfe: His Life and His English Operas by William Tyldesley

cover Music Philology by Georg Feder

cover Operas Of Leonardo Vinci, Napolitano by KURT MARKSTROM

cover Polymath of the Baroque: Agostino Steffani and His Music by Colin Timms
This is the first book to consider all aspects of the life of Agostino Steffani (1654-1728), a composer, diplomat, and bishop. A remarkable figure of the late 17th and early 18th century Europe, Steffani began his career as a composer, musician, and courtier, but his accomplishments brought him high-level positions in the courts of Germany and the Catholic Church. Throughout his diplomatic and ecclesiatical career, Steffani continued to compose chamber music, vocal chamber music, operas, and sacred music--works which inspired Handel and other Baroque composers.

cover A Ravel Reader : Correspondence, Articles, Interviews by Arbie Orenstein (Editor)
Considered among the most original and influential composers of the twentieth century, Maurice Ravel played a decisive role in the history of modern French music--a role that continues to be examined by students exploring the roots of musical style in our time. An internationally recognized authority on the life and works of Ravel, editor Arbie Orenstein captures the essence of this enigmatic man through his own words, both written and spoken. This outstanding compilation of articles by Ravel (who was a brilliant critic) features reviews, interviews, and some 350 letters--most of which are published here for the first time in English-from Cocteau, Colette, de Falla, Richard Strauss, Stravinsky, and other major figures of the era.

cover Splendid Service: The Restoration of David Tannenberg's Home Moravian Church Organ by William Armstrong, Paula Locklair, Bruce Shull

cover Stokowski And The Organ by Rollin Smith

cover Structure and Meaning in Tonal Music: Festschrift for Carl Schachter by Poundie Burstein, David Gagne (Editors)

cover With Voice and Pen: Coming to Know Medieval Song and How It Was Made by Leo Treitler
Fully revised and updated, Leo Treitler's seventeen classic essays trace the creation and spread of song (cantus), sacred and secular, through oral tradition and writing, in the European Middle Ages. Each of these seminally influential essays has been revised to take account of recent developments, and is prefaced with a new introduction to highlight the historical issues. The accompanying CD contains performances of much of the music discussed.

cover Words on Music: Essays in Honor of Andrew Porter on the Occasion of His 75th Birthday by David Rosen (Editor), Claire Brook (Editor), Andrew Porter

cover The organ of the twentieth century;: A manual on all matters relating to the science and art of orga by George Ashdown Audsley

cover Thematic Catalogue of the Musical Works of Johann Pachelbel by Jean M. Perreault
This Catalogue provides scholars and performers with a survey of the breadth and variety of the repertoire of the composer about whom Christoph Wolff describes as one of the most seminal and influential musicians of the pre-Bach generation in Germany. Pachelbel composed the majority of his 527 works for keyboard instruments, as well as choral, vocal and chamber music and the Catalogue presents incipits for each that can be identified. The list of works is intended to determine the totality of the corpus and knowledge about it, to determine the best means of identifying each work, and to settle problems of identity among similarly titled works. An essay on authorities examines the controversies of authenticity of Pachelbel manuscripts.

cover The Church Music of Fifteenth-Century Spain by Kenneth Kreitner
The arrival of Francisco de Pealosa at the Aragonese court in May 1498 marks something of an epoch in the history of Spanish music: Pealosa wrote in a mature, northern-oriented style, and his sacred music influenced Iberian composers for generations after his death. Kenneth Kreitner's new book looks at the church music sung by Spaniards in the decades before Pealosa, a repertory that has long been ignored because much of it is anonymous and because it is scattered through manuscripts better known for something else. He identifies sixty-seven pieces of surviving Latin sacred music that were written in Spain between 1400 and the early 1500s, and he discusses them source by source, revealing the rapid and dramatic change, not only in the style and sophistication of these pieces, but in the level of composerly self-consciousness shown in the manuscripts. Within a generation or so at the end of the fifteenth century, Spanish musicians created a new national music just as Ferdinand and Isabella were creating a new nation. KENNETH KREITNER teaches at the University of Memphis.

cover The Art of the Piano : Its Performers, Literature and Recordings Revised and Expanded Edition by David Dubal
This is the only complete and up-to-date book profiling every major pianist (thousands) and their essential repertoire and recordings. This third edition is completely revised (second edition: 1995 Harvest Books, ISBN# 0-15-600019-9), with hundreds more entries and updated information about existing entries. The book contains a CD for the first time featuring rare performances. "For all those interested in the piano, this book will provide great insight and knowledge. It must be read by everyone who loves the instrument." - Vladimir Horowitz "The Art of the Piano is the best companion a piano aficionado could ask for." - Baltimore Sun

Creative Use Of Organ In Worship By Hal H. Hopson. Composed 2000. Published by Hope Publishing Company. (8070)
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Creative Use Of Choirs In Worship By Hal H. Hopson. Composed 1999. Published by Hope Publishing Company. (8013)
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Creative Use Of Descants By Hal H. Hopson. Composed 1999. Published by Hope Publishing Company. (8018)
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Creative Use Of Instruments In Worship By Hal H. Hopson. Composed 2000. Published by Hope Publishing Company. (8071)
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Leon Boellmann: Complete Organ Works, Volume 1 - sheet music at Leon Boellmann: Complete Organ Works, Volume 1 (The Organ Works Published During His Lifetime) Composed by Leon Boellmann (1862-1897), edited by Helga Schauerte. For organ. Urtext. Format: organ solo book. With organ notation, introductory text and manuscript facsimiles. Romantic Period. 104 pages. 9x12 inches. Published by Baerenreiter-Ausgaben (German import). (BA.BA8424)
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Samtliche Orgelwerke, Band 2 - Complete Organ Works - L`Ouvre d`Orgue - sheet music at Samtliche Orgelwerke, Band 2 - Complete Organ Works - L`Ouvre d`Orgue Suiten, posthum veroffentlichte und unveroffentlichte Werke - Suites, posthumous and unpublished works - Suites, oevres posthumes et inedits. By Boellmann, Leon. Edited by Schauerte-Maubouet, Helga. For Organ. Urtext Edition (paperbound). Published by Baerenreiter-Ausgaben (German import). (BA8425)
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Festival By Diana Burrell. Published by United Music Publishers. (513007340)
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cover Bach: The Organ Works [BOX SET]
On this CD:
Performer: Olivier Vernet

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