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November 2004

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Specifications, Fountain Street Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Austin

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First Unitarian Society, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Berghaus

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Specifications, The Episcopal Church of St. John Baptist, Thomaston, Maine, Bedient

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Description, Specifications, St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church, Estes Park, Colorado, John-Paul Buzard

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First Lutheran Church, Ketchikan, Alaska, Marceau

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First Presbyterian Church, Macon, Georgia, Casavant

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Description, Specifications, More Photos, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago, Illinois, Bigelow

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Trinity English Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Schantz

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Falmouth Congregational Church, Falmouth, Maine, Casavant

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Description, Specifications, More Photos, Swampscott Congregational Church, Swampscott, Massachusetts, Noack

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Specifications, First Presbyterian Church, Washington, North Carolina, Goulding & Wood

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Otterbein United Methodist Church, Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania, Schantz

cover Beyond the Notes : Journeys with Chamber Music by Susan Tomes
Describes the life of the dedicated professional musician more vividly and honestly than any other work I've read. ALAN RUSBRIDGER Susan Tomes, a rare example of a leading musician who writes about the craft of performance, describes her experience of twenty years of rehearsal, concerts and recording. Her performing life has been centred on chamber music and the need to communicate it fully to an audience hungry for meaningful musical experience. Susan Tomes was a founder member and the pianist of both Domus and the Florestan Trio, award-winning groups at the top of their field. Part One is a series of diaries describing their travels and performances: Domus in the 1980s with its own portable concert hall, struggling to create the conditions for informal but intense concert performances, and the Florestan Trio, currently one of the world's finest piano trios. Part Two is a collection of thought-provoking essays about teachers, making records, practising and rehearsing, audiences, earning a living, and the particular challenges of being a concert pianist. Beyond the Notes gives an unusually candid view of the complexities of a life in music. SUSAN TOMES, alongside her packed concert schedule, is a frequent contributor, on music and other subjects, to the Guardian.

cover Deems Taylor: A Biography by James A. Pegolotti
Composer, critic, author, and radio personality, (Joseph) Deems Taylor (18851966) was one of the most influential figures in American culture from the 1920s through the 1940s. A self-taught composer, the New York City native wrote such pieces as the orchestral suite Through the Looking Glass and the acclaimed operas The King's Henchman and Peter Ibbetson, the first commissions ever offered by the Metropolitan Opera. Taylor's operatic works were among the most popular and widely performed of his day, yet he achieved greatest fame and recognition as the golden-voiced intermission commentator for the New York Philharmonic radio broadcasts and as the on-screen host of Walt Disney's classic film Fantasia. With his witty, clever, charming, and informative but unpatronizing manner, he almost single-handedly introduced classical music to millions of Americans across the nation. In this first biography of Taylor, James A. Pegolotti brings to life the remarkably multi-talented man within the context of his times. The captivating portrait recounts his formative years in the Bronx, his college years at New York University, where he composed four successive varsity musicals, his journalistic career first as a writer for the New York Tribune Sunday Magazine and then as the powerful music critic for the New York World, and his musical triumphs. Pegolotti also details Taylor's stints as editor of Musical America, president of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), best-selling author of Of Men and Music and other books, collaborator with Disney and Leopold Stokowski on Fantasia, and even judge for the Miss America pageant. He describes how Taylor used his critic's pulpit to champion American music, opera, and musicians, and also chronicles his colorful personal life, including his third marriage at age sixty to a twenty-year-old costume designer. Enlivened with such figures as George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ayn Rand, and Taylor's fellow Algonquin Round Table tastemakers, this in-depth, well-balanced, and objective biography will stand as the definitive work on the great American composer-critic.

cover Directing the Choral Music Program by Kenneth H. Phillips

cover Empress Marie Therese and Music at the Viennese Court, 1792-1807 by John A. Rice
Empress Marie Therese, second wife of Emperor Franz II, devoted much of her life to music. She played piano and sang, compiled a large music library and supported professional musicians and composers. This comprehensive survey of the Empress as musician and patron is based upon John Rice's discovery and analysis of extensive unpublished material from her private collection. In this work Rice introduces readers to the musical and cultural worlds of the Viennese court at the end of the eighteenth century.

cover Mendelssohn: A Life in Music by R. Larry Todd
An extraordinary prodigy of Mozartean abilities, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy was a distinguished composer and conductor, a legendary pianist and organist, and an accomplished painter and classicist. Lionized in his lifetime, he is best remembered today for several staples of the concert hall and for such popular music as "The Wedding March" and "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing." Now, in the first major Mendelssohn biography to appear in decades, R. Larry Todd offers a remarkably fresh account of this musical giant, based upon painstaking research in autograph manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, and paintings. Rejecting the view of the composer as a craftsman of felicitous but sentimental, saccharine works (termed by one critic "moonlight with sugar water"), Todd reexamines the composer's entire oeuvre, including many unpublished and little known works. Here are engaging analyses of Mendelssohn's distinctive masterpieces--the zestful Octet, puckish Midsummer Night's Dream, haunting Hebrides Overtures, and elegiac Violin Concerto in E minor. Todd describes how the composer excelled in understatement and nuance, in subtle, coloristic orchestrations that lent his scores an undeniable freshness and vividness. He also explores Mendelssohn's changing awareness of his religious heritage, Wagner's virulent anti-Semitic attack on Mendelssohn's music, the composer's complex relationship with his sister Fanny Hensel, herself a child prodigy and prolific composer, his avocation as a painter and draughtsman, and his remarkable, polylingual correspondence with the cultural elite of his time. Mendelssohn: A Life offers a masterful blend of biography and musical analysis. Readers will discover many new facets of the familiar but misunderstood composer and gain new perspectives on one of the most formidable musical geniuses of all time.

cover Ministries: A Relational Approach by Edward P. Hahnenberg

cover Musical Constructions of Nationalism: Essays on the History and Ideology of European Musical Culture by Harry White, Michael Murphy
Working from the premise that music as a cultural abstraction is vitally conditioned by political thought, these essays are presented in the spirit of the so called "new musicology," which looks to other disciplines for new impetus and technique. Rather than abstracting music from the environment which created it, these essays seek to study the relations between music and nationalism in different national contexts. Although music and nationalism have been topics of research for a number of years this is the first time that commissioned essays have been published in a volume devoted to this area of interest. The editors have tried to focus on countries which have received less attention in musicology and have drawn together leading experts in a variety of national contexts to contribute. These include Stephen Downes and Mikulas Bek who treat different aspects of the ancient/modern dichotomy of musical nationalism. Robert Vilan and Annegret Fauser provide fascinating new interventions on reception history. Although not intended to be a country-by-country survey, most European countries receive an essay. These include Germany and France, as well as less well-known examples such as Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia and Poland.

cover Read the Way You Talk: A Guide for Lectors by Jack Hartjes
Read the Way You Talk offers instruction for lectors. It presents guidelines for making oral reading meaningful and believable. Three lessons give detailed instructions in eighteen different areas including parallelism, repetition, and pronunciation. Special guidance is provided for using inflection and stressing words. With practice, readers who share the Word of God with others can read as naturally as they speak while they become comfortable with their audience, sure of what they are saying, and confident their message is important. Part I, "The Word of God in Human Speech," explains why the readings need to be spoken in conversational tone. Part 2, "Rules for Reading Like Talk," is divided into lessons and contains rules, explanations of techniques, and examples. Read the Way You Talk is a useful resource for lectors, deacons, priests, and leaders who instruct lectors and seminarians.

cover The Richard Strauss Companion by Mark-Daniel Schmid (Editor)
Featuring ten new essays on different aspects of the compositions, artistic influences, and persona of Richard Strauss, The Strauss Companion explores the composer's relationship to his own work and to that of his noted contemporaries. Guided by not only musical interests but literary, political, and philosophical ones as well, Strauss is an ideal candidate for this sort of treatment. Following this discussion of his influences, the volume moves to a discussion of the works themselves, including operas, tone poems, and stage works; these compositions are explored analytically and also in terms of their critical reception. The final chapter investigates for the first time Strauss's much-neglected choral works, revealing their rich musical and vocal capacities, while a select bibliography and complete works-list round out the volume.

cover Bach and the Pedal Clavichord : An Organist's Guide by Joel Speerstra
This is an extremely important study which brings together valuable musicological research and practical experimentation in a unique way - every organist should read it! CHOIR & ORGAN September 2004 This scholarship combined with successful practical application makes Speerstra's work invaluable to all organists, pedagogues, instrument builders-indeed all those who are fascinated by the music of Bach. -- David Higgs, Chair of the Organ Department, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester Synthesizing a wealth of historical documentation along with the results of new, experimental studies, Speerstra (Eastman School of Music) has written a thorough analysis of the musicological and performance issues that surround the ambigious history and usage of the pedal clavichord. Despite its subtitle, this book should prove valuable for a broad audience not limited to organists; it speaks to all keyboardists interested in expanding their interpretation of Baroque literature. Highly recommended.

cover The Musician's Spirit: Connecting to Others Through Story by James Jordan

cover Cantor Basics by James Hansen

Canzoni d'Involatura d'Organo Canzonas (1592) (score) By Merulo, Claudio (1533-1604). Pidoux, Pierre (b. 1905), Editor. For Organ. Canons/Fugues, Original Works. Reprinted from Baerenreiter. Renaissance, Italian. Score. Composed 1592. Published by Masters. (M2941)
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Christmas Suite By John Leavitt. organ. Level: 3-staff. Sacred organ. Published by Augsburg Fortress. (0800657217)
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Sunday Morning Suite By Jan Linker. organ. Grace Notes. Level: 3-staff. Sacred organ. Published by Augsburg Fortress. (0800675606)
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Thirty Small Chorale-Preludes, Op. 135a [Dreizig Kleine Choralvorspiele] (score) By Max Reger. For Organ. Preludes, Original Works. Romantic, Post-Romantic, German, Sacred/Hymns. Score. Composed 1914. Published by Masters. (M2915)
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Marching to Zion By Carlton R Young. organ. Level: 3-staff. Sacred organ. Published by Augsburg Fortress. (0800676106)
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cover Radiant Light - The Trinity Choir, Boston
On this CD:
1. Ave Maria
2. The Lamb
3. Magnificat
4. Sing, Ye Faithful
5. O Magnum Mysterium
6. Cherubic Hymn
7. A Hymn to the Mother of God
8. Alleluia
9. Viri Galilaei
10. Have Ye Not Known? & Ye Shall Have a Song
11. Song for Athene
12. Radiant Light
13. A Gaelic Blessing

cover Christmas at St George's Episcopal Church
On this CD:
1. O Come Emmanuel
2. Adam Lay Ybounden
3. I Look from Afar
4. Sans Day Carol
5. Mater ora filium
6. O Magnum Mysterium, for chorus
7. Ave Maria for voice & organ
8. I Wonder As I Wander (American)
9. I Saw Three Ships
10. The word made flesh
11. Sleep of the Infant Jesus
12. Still, Still, Still (Stille, stille, stille)
13. Suogan
14. A Ceremony of Carols, for trumpet, voices & harp, Op. 28
15. Mary's Magnificat, for chorus & organ
16. Candlelight Carol
17. A Hodie Processional
18. The First Nowell

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