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July 2004

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Specifications, More Photos, Article, Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina, C.B. Fisk

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Specifications, More Photos, First Church of Deerfield, Deerfield, Massachusetts, Richards Fowkes

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Dickinson Residence, Louisville, Kentucky, Steiner-Reck

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Description, St. Peter's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Cologne, Germany, Klais

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Specifications, First Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama, Schantz

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Description, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Port Hueneme, California, Parsons

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St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church, Estes Park, Colorado, Buzard

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Specifications, More Photos, Christ Church, Newton, New Jersey, Reuter

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Description, Town Line Lutheran Church, Alden, New York, Parsons

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Specifications, More Photos, University Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, New York, Kegg

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Description, Specifications, Webster Presbyterian Church, Webster, New York, Parsons

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Wellsville United Methodist Church, Wellsville, New York, Kegg

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First Presbyterian Church, Hamlet, North Carolina, Zimmer

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Conway, South Carolina, Casavant

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Specifications, Bob Jones University, Greenville, South Carolina, Zimmer

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St. John's Lutheran Church, Walhalla, South Carolina, Casavant

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Description, Specifications, First Methodist Church, Winnsboro, South Carolina, Kegg

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Specifications, More Photos, Article, La Cathédrale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, C.B. Fisk

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Specifications, Reformation Lutheran Church, New Market, Virginia, Schantz

cover The Microphone Book by John Eargle
The Microphone Book provides a fundamental background on how microphones operate. Detailed chapters analyze the different types of microphones including, among others, pressure and pressure gradient microphones; first order directional microphones, high directionality microphones, and wireless microphones. Chapters based on actual recording sessions/studio operations focus on different microphone applications in recording venues such as studio recording, classical recording, news gathering, and more. Surround sound is covered from both a creative and a technical viewpoint.

cover Adventures in Singing: A Process for Exploring, Discovering, and Developing Vocal Potential by Clifton Ware
This popular voice text combines a thorough introduction to the singing process with an anthology of 60 songs. The text offers a clear introduction to the basics of how the voice works along with methodical voice-building techniques. Throughout, the text takes a holistic approach, reflecting the view that the study of singing helps students develop greater self-awareness of body and mind. Piano accompaniments of the songs in the anthology are included on both cassette and CD.

cover The House of Novello: Practice and Policy of a Victorian Music Publisher, 1829-1866 by Victoria L. Cooper

cover Johannes Brahms: A Guide to Research by Heather Platt
In his opposition to the conventions of composition furthered by Franz Liszt and the New German School, his strained relationship with Richard Wagner, but his admiration and friendship with Robert Schumann, Brahm's is a truly fascinating object of study. This guide is an essential resource for all serious and casual scholars of Brahm's music and life.

cover Die Orgel Im Altertum by Michael Markovits
This monumental history of the organ in antiquity provides a wide overview of the technical development, use and recognition of the organ as an instrument. The interdisciplinary study relies on a comprehensive collection of literary works and archaeological monuments from Hellenistic, Roman, Jewish, Early Byzantine, Syrian and Western civilization ranging from 270 B.C. to 630 A.D., and discusses the survival of this rich heritage in Byzantium, the Islam and the Latin Middle Ages until about 1200.

cover Schenker Made Simple by Steven Porter

cover Schubert's Song Sets by Michael Hall

cover Vaughan Williams Essays by Byron Adams, Robin Wells

cover Vincenzo Bellini: A Guide to Research by Stephen A. Willier

cover Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? by Yona Zeldis McDonough, Carrie Robbins
Born in Austria in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed his first piece of music, a minuet, when he was just five years old! Soon after, he was performing for kings and emperors. Although he died at the young age of thirty-five, Mozart left a legacy of more than 600 works. This fascinating biography charts the musician's extraordinary career and personal life while painting a vivid cultural history of eighteenth-century Europe. Black-and-white illustrations on every spread explore such topics as the history of opera and the evolution of musical instruments. There is also a timeline and a bibliography.

cover William Grant Still: African-American Composer by Catherine Reef

cover The Benedictine Gift to Music by Katharine Le Mee
Western music originates in the Gregorian chant sung in Benedictine monasteries as early as the sixth century. This fascinating book illustrates how this sung liturgy of prayer and praise, faithfully practiced daily in monasteries across Europe, developed into the complex polyphonic music we enjoy today.

cover The Music Lover's Quotation Book by David W. Barber
"I would much rather have written the best song of a nation than its noblest epic." -- Edgar Allan Poe. This collection of wise, witty and wonderful words by and about musicians of all kinds and styles contains hundreds of entries. The Music Lover's Quotation Book brings together memorable words and quips from composers, performers, writers, listeners, critics and fans. The book covers a wide range of musical genres and time periods from classical masters to jazz legends to country crooners to the bad boys of hip-hop and rap. "You can't cheat in mathematics or poetry or music," John Steinbeck writes in Sweet Thursday, "because they're based on truth." There is certainly truth to be found in this collection of quotes along with humor, sadness, wisdom and insight. Whatever your musical tastes or interests, The Music Lover's Quotation Book will entertain, amuse and enlighten you.

cover Franz Schubert: Music and Belief by Leo Black
Remarkable new study...Its central submission, that we have hitherto disregarded or mininterpreted the most profound intuitions of a unique composer, certainly carries conviction. And even after one reading there are already musical passages that this Schubert enthusiast find himself hearing in quite a new way. Bayan Northcott, BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE A sensitive and richly allusive commentary... likely to change the way we listen to certain works. Brian NewbouldThe old stereotypes of Schubert as Bohemian artist and unselfconscious creator have been replaced over the past half-century with a picture of a difficult man in difficult times. The author aims to redress the balance, concentrating firstly on works where Schubert's beliefs are clearly expressed (masses, other religious music, songs amounting to Geistliche Lieder). This also prompts an examination of instrumental masterpieces (Unfinished and Great C Major Symphonies, and the Wanderer Fantasy), which show that Schubert's religious side encompasses awe and terror as well as wonder. Schubert's `complete voice' is thus clearly heard, rather than the sombre one currently emphasised in both literature and concert.LEO BLACK is a former BBC chief producer for music.

cover What Every Pianist Needs to Know About the Body by Thomas Mark, Roberta Gary, Thom Miles
Techniques on how to gain greater fluidity of movement while playing to improve the quality of the experience are offered in this manual for serious piano players. This book encourages musicians to develop a broader understanding of the involvement of the entire body in playing-and the strains playing places on the body-by focusing on body mapping to increase awareness of the body's function, size, and structure. Ways in which piano, organ, harpsichord, clavichord, and digital keyboard players can eliminate or prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other debilitating conditions without traditional medical treatments are also explored.

Monodie By Olivier Messiaen. For organ. Duration 6 Mins. Published by Editions Alphonse Leduc. (513014490)
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Prelude By Olivier Messiaen. Published by Editions Alphonse Leduc. (513000700)
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Offrande Au Saint Sacrement By Olivier Messiaen. For organ. Duration 5 Mins. Published by Editions Alphonse Leduc. (513019950)
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Enfant Noir Op.17 By Jean Louis Florentz. Published by Editions Alphonse Leduc. (513008020)
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cover Baroque Music for Brass and Organ
On this CD:
Take a fine organist, a crack brass ensemble, bathe in wide-ranging, vivid sound, and you've got a recipe for an exciting disc. That's what Telarc has done in this recording of a live concert by the Empire Brass Quintet in effective arrangements of Baroque favorites and rarities. It may seem odd to hear a Handel Violin Sonata or a Telemann Trio Sonata played by a brass-organ combo, but it works thanks to clever arrangements and superb playing. A highlight here is the Largo of the Handel work, where marvelous horn and trombone solos enhance its beauties. And of course, such favorites as Jeremiah Clarke's Trumpet Voluntary and the Prince of Denmark's March join Campra's stately Rigaudon and other stirring processional pieces. The SACD version adds another level of air and bite, but the CD layer of this hybrid disc is demonstration quality too.
1. Rondeay From Abdealazer
2. Fantaisie in C Major, BWV 570
3. Allegro
4. Sicilienne
5. Allegro
6. Adagio
7. Allegro
8. Largo
9. Allegro
10. Rigaudon From Idomenee
11. Contrapunctus I From The Art Of Fuge
12. Allegro
13. Fantasia in D Minor
14. Overture And Allegro From King Author
15. March From The Married Beau
16. Allegro
17. Trumpet Voluntary
18. The Prince Of Denmark's March
19. Prelude From Te Deum in D Major
20. Opening Movement From A Mighty Fortess Is Our God, BWV 80

cover The Celestial Country
On this CD:
This recording presents two choral works of composer Charles Ives. The oratorio The Celestial Country (composed when Ives was a church organist in New Jersey, and first performed 1902) and Silence Acccompanied - a choral cycle compilation from songs and pieces for small chamber ensemble dating from (mostly) around 1920.
1. Introduction
2. Prelude, Trio & Chorus
3. Interlude
4. Aria for Baritone
5. Chorus a cappella
6. Interlude
7. Intermezzo for String Quartet
8. Interlude
9. Double chorus a cappella
10. Aria for Tenor
11. Introduction to Finale
12. Chorale & Finale
13. Adagio Sostentuto
14. Evening
15. Afterglow
16. The Collection
17. Duty/Vita/Duty
18. Carol
19. Sunrise
20. Hymn
21. Mists

cover Gregorian Melodies: Popular Chants, Vol. 2
On this CD:
1. Sprinkling Of Holy Water: Asperges Me
2. Sprinkling, Eastertide: Vidi Aquam
3. Kyrie VIII
4. Gloria VIII
5. Alleluia: Tu Es Petrus
6. Sanctus VIII
7. Agnus VIII
8. Hymn: Condistor Alme
9. Alleluia: Ostende Nobis
10. Puer Natus In Bethllehem
11. Alleluia: Dominus Dixit
12. Hymn: gloria Laus
13. Sequence: Stabat Mater
14. Alleluia: Confitemini Domino
15. Brief Responsory: Spiritus Paraclitus
16. Chant Of Exposition: O Salutaris
17. Chant Of Exposition: Ecce Panis
18. Hymn: Pange Lingua, Gloriosi
19. Psalm 116: Laudate Dominum
20. Antiphon: Alma Redemptoris (Simple Tone)
21. Antiphon: Ave Maria
22. Antiphon: Ave Regina Caelorum (Simple Tone)
23. Brief Responsory: Ave Maria
24. Hymn: Ave Maris Stella (Simple Tone)
25. Antiphon And Benedictus: Ego Sum
26. Hymn: Te Deum (Simple Tone)

cover Hear My Prayer
On this CD:
1. And I Saw A New Heaven
2. Alleluia
3. Laudate Dominum
4. Tota Pulchra
5. Nigra Sum
6. Hear My Prayer
7. I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me
8. Tu Es Petrus
9. Panis Angelicus
10. Like As The Hart Desireth The Waterbrooks
11. Blagoslovi, Dushe Moya, Ghospoda (Bless The Lord, O My Soul)
12. Blazheni, Yazhe Izbral (How Blessed They Are)
13. Pieta, Signore
14. Beati Quorum Via
15. Happy And Blessed Are They

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