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December 2003

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Westwood United Methodist Church, Los Angeles, California, Various

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Description, Marian Ruhl Metson Residence, Auburn, California, Juget-Sinclair

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Description, Specifications, Lundy's Lane United Church, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Dodington & Dodington

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St. Francis by the Sea Episcopal Church, Blue Hill, Maine, Karl Wilhelm Inc.

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Description, More Photos, Article, First Lutheran Church, Palo Alto, California, Casavant

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St. Mark's Presbyterian Church, Lomita, California, Schantz

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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, Atlanta, Georgia, Casavant

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Description, Glendale Presbyterian Church, Glendale, Missouri, Quimby

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Kirkwood Baptist Church, Kirkwood, Missouri, Quimby

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Specifications, Salem Missionary Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York, Reuter

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Article, First Presbyterian Church, New York City, New York, GlŁck

cover Papal Patronage and the Music of St. Peter'S, 1380-1513 by Christopher A. Reynolds
A new picture of music at the basilica of St. Peter's in the fifteenth century emerges in Christopher A. Reynolds's fascinating chronicle of this rich period of Italian musical history. Reynolds examines archival documents, musical styles, and issues of artistic patronage and cultural context in a fertile consideration of the ways historical and musical currents affected each other. This work is both a historical account of performers and composers and an examination of how their music revealed their cultural values and educational backgrounds. Reynolds analyzes several anonymous masses copied at St. Peter's, proposing attributions that have biographical implications for the composers. Taken together, the archival records and the music sung at St. Peter's reveal a much clearer picture of musical life at the basilica than either source would alone. The contents of the St. Peter's choirbook help document musical life as surely as that musical lifeinsofar as it can be reconstructed from the archivesillumines the choirbook.

cover The Cambridge Companion to Mozart by Simon P. Keefe (Editor), Jonathan Cross (Editor)
Bridging the gap between scholarly and popular images of Mozart, this volume provides comprehensive coverage of all of his important works; the reception of his music since his death; the contexts which inform his work and his significance as a performer. It paints a rounded yet focused picture of one of the most revered artists of all time and enhances readers' appreciation of his extraordinary output.

cover Dvorak in America: In Search of the World by Joseph Horowitz
Antonin Dvorak's New World Symphony is one of the most popular classical works ever. In this spirited account of the story behind the composition, Joseph Horowitz brings to life the diverse musical and cultural influences that inspired the composer, who came from Czechoslovakia to America in 1892. Listening to his assistant, Henry Burleigh, sing slave songs, and visiting Wild West shows and the Kickapoo Medicine Show gave Dvorak the raw material from which to compose his masterpiece that, to both popular audiences and critics, captures the vibrancy and power of American music. Illustrated with archival black-and-white photos, and including index and source notes for further research, this book brings the dramatic and inspiring story of a musical masterpiece to life for young readers.

cover Johannes Klais (1852-1925) : ein rheinischer Orgelbauer und sein Schaffen by Horst Hodick

cover The Life and Music of Sir Malcolm Arnold: The Brilliant and the Dark by Paul R. W. Jackson

cover The Music of Lennox Berkeley by Peter Dickinson
Sir Lennox Berkeley (1903-1989) was one of the leading British composers of the mid-twentieth century and his music has unique qualities which will ensure its survival far beyond transient fashions. Peter Dickinson knew Berkeley for more than thirty years and this much enlarged book places the composer in the context of his extended study with Nadia Boulanger, his friendship with Britten, and the achievement of an independent voice of remarkable distinction. The new book now benefits from interviews with Lady Berkeley, Michael Berkeley, Julian Bream, Colin Horsley, Sir John Manduell, Nicholas Maw, Malcolm Williamson and the late Basil Douglas, Desmond Shawe-Taylor and Norman del Mar. There are photographs, a full list of works, bibliographies and over a hundred musical examples. PETER DICKINSON is Head of Music at the Institute of United States Studies at the University of London and an Emeritus Professor of the Universities of Keele and London.

cover New Worlds of Dvorak: Searching in America for the Composer's Inner Life by Michael Beckerman, Michael, B. Beckerman
A forceful reinterpretation of the composer's personality and work. Focusing on DvorŠk's three-year stay in the United States, this book explores the world behind the public legend, concluding that the composer suffered from a debilitating and previously unexplored anxiety disorder. Readers of this book will gain a rich view of DvorŠk that will deepen their understanding of his works, especially his Symphony From the New World. Audio compact disc included; 16 pages of b/w illustrations.

cover L'orgue corse de 1557 ŗ 1963 : histoire, facteurs, esthťtique by Sťbastien Rubellin
Text: French

cover Vaughan Williams Essays by Byron Adams (Editor), Robin Wells (Editor)

cover Vaughan Williams and the Symphony (Symphonic Studies) by Lionel Pike
An analysis of all nine symphonies by Ralph Vaughan Williams, one of the greatest British composers, this book reveals the hidden complexities of both the composer and his music. Pike argues that Vaughan Williamsís symphonies have depths far beyond the pure sound of music, depths that will stand analytical investigation just as the works of other great symphonists do. He further argues that Vaughan Williams is consistently denied his rightful place in 20th-century music and in the history of the symphony, and that close investigation can uncover elements of construction that show the mind of a genius at work.

cover Wagner's Meistersinger : Performance, History, Representation by Nicholas Vazsonyi (Editor)
"Intellectually speaking, this is a delicious tome." WAGNER NOTES. Richard Wagner's Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg has been one of the most performed operas ever since its premier in 1868. It was adopted as Germany's national opera ('Nationaloper'), not least because of its historical coincidence with the unification of Germany under Bismarck in 1871. The first section of this volume, 'Performing Meistersinger', contains three commissioned articles from internationally respected artists - a conductor (Peter Schneider), a stage director (Harry Kupfer) and a singer (Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau),all experienced in the performance of this unusually demanding 5-hour work. The second section, 'Meistersinger and History', examines both the representation of German history in the opera and the way the opera has functioned in history through political appropriation and staging practice. The third section, 'Representations', is the most eclectic, exploring in the first place the problematic question of genre from the perspective of a theatrical historian. The chronic issue of Wagner's chief opponent, Eduard Hanslick, and his musical and dramatic representation in the opera as Beckmesser, is then addressed, as are gender issues, and Wagner's own utterances concerning the opera.Contributors: NICHOLAS VAZSONYI, PETER SCHNEIDER, HARRY KUPFER, DIETRICH FISCHER-DIESKAU, HANS RUDOLF VAGET, LUTZ KOEPNICK, DAVID B. DENNIS, KLAUS VAN DEN BERG, THOMAS S. GREY, LINDA GOEHR, EVA RIEGER, PETER H÷YNGNICHOLAS VAZSONYI is Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature, University of South Carolina.

cover Whatever Name or Creed: Hymns and Songs by Andrew Pratt

Oxford Book Of Christmas Organ Music By Gower. For Organ Collection. Book. Published by Oxford University Press. (3751240)
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cover J.S. Bach: Complete Works for Organ (Box Set)
On this CD:
Marie-Claire Alain is not only one of the greatest organists alive today, but she stands directly in a what is undoubtedly the world's greatest tradition of organ playing. It was France that first rediscovered and cultivated Bach's organ music, and which in turn stimulated the great works of Franck, Widor, Vierne, and their school. Alain has recorded Bach's complete organ music no less than three times, here on historical organs of Bach's own time. Each disc is planned as a recital that showcases both the music and the instrument. Her performances are simply the last word in style, musicianship, and virtuosity. Magnificent.
--David Hurwitz

cover Bach - Christmas Oratorio / Gardiner
On this CD:
1. Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248
Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
with Nancy Argenta, Lisa Beznosiuk, Hans Peter Blochwitz, Valerie Botwright, Alison Bury, Olaf Bar, Valerie Darke, Valerie Darke, English Baroque Soloists [members of], Ruth Holton
Conducted by John Eliot Gardiner

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