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Have you composed a piece of music that you would like to share? Email a PDF file to and it will be posted here. Multiple submissions welcome. If available, please include a bio and photo of yourself.

Instructions: PC users can save the files below to their hard drives by right-clicking on the composition titles. Mac users need to click-and-hold on the titles. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine to open and view the saved files.

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Bach, J.S. email Zoltan Goncz Completion: "O Tarurigkeit, o Herzeleid" - chorale prelude BWV Anh. 200 Organ 2.2M 03/19/11
Completion: Fugue in C Minor (BWV 562:2) Notes Organ 1.6M 08/07/03
Bach, J.S. email Victor Frost J. S. Bach's Pedalexercitium (An attempted completion) Notes Organ 39K 09/13/01
Bach, J.S. email Dan Long "Nun komm' der Heiden Heiland" (BWV 659) Notes Organ 232K 04/15/03
Boyadjian, Mike email Mike Boyadjian St. Keiran's Mass (Complete) Notes Choral 2.2M 09/14/02
Solemn Kyrie 240K
Kyrie Eleison 380K
Gloria 684K
Sanctus 276K
Memorial Acclamation A 236K
Memorial Acclamation B 200K
Great Amen 152K
Agnus Dei 172K
deCosta, Richard email Richard deCosta "Abide with Me" Notes Organ 82K 04/17/02
Fantasy for Organ (Complete) Notes Organ 701K 10/05/01
Fantasy for Organ (Page 1 w/Notes) 171K 09/07/01
Fantasy for Organ (Page 2) 112K 09/07/01
Fantasy for Organ (Page 3) 116K 09/07/01
Fantasy for Organ (Page 4) 160K 09/07/01
Fantasy for Organ (Page 5) 122K 09/07/01
Fantasy for Organ (Page 6) 151K 09/07/01
Fantasy for Organ (Page 7) 151K 09/07/01
Fantasy for Organ (Page 8) 148K 09/07/01
Prelude Notes Organ 100K 09/14/01
Symphony No. 1 for Organ (Complete) Notes Organ 1.5Mg 03/12/02
Symphony No. 1 for Organ (I. Maestoso) 816K
Symphony No. 1 for Organ (II. Lento) 304K
Symphony No. 1 for Organ (III. Moderato) 348K
Symphony No. 1 for Organ (IV. Moderato) 384K
Faddegon, Chris email Chris Faddegon Postludium a l'honneur de Mr. H. Vermeulen (Op. 1) Notes Piano 56K 3/10/06
"Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Thy Word" (Op. 2) Organ 88K 03/12/02
Voetstuk, for pedals (Op. 5) Organ 36K 3/10/06
"De Winter is vergangen" (Op. 7) Organ, Soprano & Recorder or Flute 136K 3/10/06
EKG 153 Der Himmel der ist (Op. 8) Organ 40K 3/10/06
"De aarde is vervuld" (Op. 9) Choir 12K 3/10/06
Farrell, Robert G. email Robert Farrell Prelude #44
"Take My Life, That I May Be"
  Organ 68k 10/18/09
Frederick, Ryan W. email Ryan Frederick Judas Maccabeus Notes Brass 1Mb 12/4/06
Llanfair Notes Brass 892K 12/4/06
Morgenlied Notes Brass 1Mb 12/4/06
Frost, Victor email Victor Frost "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Notes Organ 248K 11/26/01
J. S. Bach's Pedalexercitium (An attempted completion) Notes Organ 39K 09/13/01
Passacaglia, Spanish Interlude and Fugue for organ, op. 23 (New!) Notes Organ 545K 01/03/14
Twelve Voluntaries for organ (1-6 & Program Notes) Notes Organ 276K 12/16/03
Twelve Voluntaries for organ (7-12) Notes Organ 212K 12/16/03
Twenty-four Preludes for organ, Book I (1-12) Notes Organ 688K 8/4/02
Twenty-four Preludes for organ, Book I (1-12) (No Alto Clef) 320K 6/9/03
Twenty-four Preludes for organ, Book II (13-24) Notes Organ 264K 4/27/03
Twenty-four Preludes for organ, Book II (13-24) (No Alto Clef) 264K 6/9/03
Fuhrer, William B. email William Fuhrer Aria Organ 332K 4/5/05
Festival_Prelude(Crucifer) Organ 360K 4/5/05
Meditation(For_the_Beauty) Organ 252K 4/5/05
Prelude(American_Hymn) Organ 908K 4/5/05
Prelude(Hauge) Organ 484K 4/5/05
Prelude(Maryton) Organ 300K 4/5/05
Prelude(Nettleton) Organ 348K 4/5/05
Prelude(Still,Still,Still) Organ 248K 4/5/05
Prelude(Stille_Nacht) Organ 512K 4/5/05
Prelude(Waterlife) Organ 352K 4/5/05
Trumpet Tune in D Major (for Lau) Organ 364K 3/16/05
Trumpet Tune in D Major (for Yocum) Organ 360K 3/16/05
Variations on "Earth and All Stars" Organ 756K 3/16/05
Kistler, William email William Kistler From Heaven Above to Earth I Come (Von Himmel Hoch) Organ 112K 3/10/06
Toccata on "Ode to Joy" Notes Organ 256K 8/15/05
Postlude on Sine Nomine Organ 76K 8/11/05
Postlude on "Ode to Joy" Notes Organ 100K 7/26/05
"Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah" CWM Rhonda Organ 54K 5/18/04
"Psalm of Praise" (Postlude in G Major) Notes Organ 73K 10/11/04
Postlude on "Rathburn" ("In the Cross of Christ I Glory") Organ 60K 6/14/04
Long, Dan email Dan Long Op. 3, No. 1 Notes Organ 44K 03/22/06
Memorial Notes Organ 52K 05/12/03
Christmas Fanfare (F Major) Notes Organ 35K 12/14/01
Christmas Fanfare (Eb Major) Notes Organ 35K 12/14/01
Op. 1, Nos. 1-8 (Complete) Organ 468K 05/12/03
Prelude and Fugue in Eb Major 132K 11/26/01
Prelude No. 7 20K 10/11/01
Prelude No. 6 92K 11/26/01
Prelude No. 5 105K 10/07/01
"Elegy for Freedom" Notes 52K 09/13/01
Prelude No. 3 63K 09/07/01
Prelude No. 2 64K 05/12/03
Prelude No. 1 47K 09/07/01
Rogers, Will W. Etude OPUS 1, Nr. 1 (Dreams) Notes Violin, Cello, Piano 6.1M 6/26/05
Selby, Norman L. email Norman Selby Interpretation of "Amazing Grace" (New Britain) Notes Organ 464K 10/16/02
Spadoni, Roberto email Roberto Spadoni Minuetto in Si Minore Piano 44K 9/24/06
Scherzo in La Minore Organ 108K 3/10/06
Preludio Organ 1.3Mb 10/27/05
Vyhanek, Jim email Jim Vyhanek "Come, Thou Font of Every Blessing" (Nettleton) Organ 264K 10/15/06
Allein Gott in der Hoh (Mvmt 5) Organ 396K 10/15/06
Allein Gott in der Hoh (Mvmt 7) Organ 972K 10/15/06
"Lord, Bid Your Servant Go in Peace" (Land of Rest) Organ 2.4Mb 10/15/06
"With the Lord Begin Your Task" (Fang Dein Werk) Organ 4.3Mb 10/15/06