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"The History of Organs"
An informative page with a quality set of resources focusing on the organ and its history.
Submitted by Kathy

"Piano Stairs - Fun Theory (Volkswagen Sweden) "
"Can we get more people to choose the stairs by making it fun to do? We believe that the easiest way to change people's behavior for the better is by making it fun to do. We call it The Fun Theory."
Submitted by Dan

"Ton Reijnaerdts' Organ Page"
Website of the Dutch based organist Ton Reijnaerdts with articles about the organ builders Pereboom & Leijser, composers Widor and Franck, a page about the organ cd-label TRA, many photographs of organs, etc.
Submitted by Ton Reijnaerdts

"Kanawha Organ Works of St. Albans, West Virginia"
"Fine pipe organ work for the mountain state."
"Kanawha Organ Works (“K.O.W.”), a small but full service pipe organ company, was opened for business in 1991. Since that time, the firm has developed a reputation for solid workmanship and tonal sophistication."
-Chris Nagorka, Owner
Submitted by Kenn

"Backwoods Home Magazine"
Every issue is packed with solid, practical, hands-on information on a wide range of self-reliance topics. Their email newsletter is free and their website has lots of useful info that could come in handy.
Submitted by Dan

"Organ, Voice, Teacher and Performer"
I have a thriving studio of piano and voice students. Perhaps some of them when older will be interested in the organ too! I am also available to freelance for weddings and memorials.
Submitted by Betsy Baumgardner

"Cara Winter: playwright, actress, singer, girl-friday"
Cara's home page, with links to photos, resume, and vocal samples.
Submitted by Cara Winter

"GO Organ Builders Ltd."
Please visit our website- we are a Liverpool based pipe organ building firm serving the UK.
Submitted by N Cassidy

"Pipes and Keys -- St. Peters Church, Lorain Ohio"
Here's an interesting organ in the small town of Lorain, Ohio. It has been used as a recital instrument for many AGO recitals, including a concert by Hector Olivera.
Submitted by Joe

"Hey Orgelbau"
250 Years of experience - Two and one-half centuries of devotion to sacred instruments.
Submitted by Thomas

"Bob Kroepel's Website"
Music, Music Instruction Books, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Physics, Science, Music Gigs
Submitted by Bob Kroepel

"Toccata in Boogie; J. S. Bach; Joseph Jongen - and more "
Give yourself a musical treat! "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" - CD available with John Kuzma, American composer, conductor, and concert artist performing. Contact: for more information and/or see link to website below.
Submitted by Marje Fiene

"Paid Church Organist Jobs"
Lists paid organist positions worldwide.
Submitted by Pauline W. Phillips

"Oud - Nikoò dimitriadis"
Music from Greece about the Middle-Eastern instrument Oud or Ud, or Lute.
A web site about the Middle-Eastern musical instrument Oud, or Ud, Lute, with Nikos Dimitriadis, from Greece, who gives descriptions and plays various improvisations (Taqasims)
Submitted by Nikos Dimitriadis

"Organ, Third Church of Christ, Scientist, NYC"
The organ at Third Church of Christ, Scientist, was built in 1923 by The Estey Organ Company of Brattleboro, Vermont (Opus 2074). G Donald Harrison (Aeolian-Skinner Organ Company) supervised an update of the organ, including a new console, in 1950. In 1960, Austin Organs Inc. rebuilt the Great, Choir, Swell and Pedal divisions. In 2000, the Echo division was rebuilt and a new console was added by the Wicks Organ Company.
Submitted by Dan

"Sabin Levi's Web site"
The home page of the organist, composer, carillonneur and teacher Dr. Sabin Levi, DMA, FAGO, DMA
Submitted by Sabin Levi

"Pipe Organ INformances"
Cj Sambach is in the business of presenting the pipe organ to children (young and old) in such a way as to inspire them to consider it their instrument of choice. In these days of diminishing enrollment into pipe organ studies, his is a service desperately needed.
Submitted by Bill Smith

This is the personal website of the Contains bio info as well as info on compositions, mp3 files and CDs.
Submitted by Dan

"Ward Morehouse III"
The website of celebrity columnist Ward Morehouse III contains info on his books, articles, clients and the latest news about his career.
Submitted by Dan

This website features the web development clients of Dan Long with links to each of their websites. Contact info is available.
Submitted by Dan

An organist's weblog.
Submitted by Laura Lowe

"Look behind the curtain"
This is a blog that describes what actually happens inside an organ factory. Pictures, explanations, and fun.
Submitted by Drew Meyer

"Haus Sonnenschein classical music salon in Japan"
Intimate classical music at the foot of beautiful Mt. Fuji, Japan. Monthly concerts by world class musicians. Private organ, piano, violin, harpsichord lessons.
Submitted by Craig Hansen

"Moscow Organ"
Features the Glatter-Gotz/Klais organ (2004) in the Moscow International Performing Arts Center and the documentary film being made about the building, installation and inauguration of this large concert pipe organ.
Submitted by Nelson Dodge

"Roger Brown House Organ"
Site describing a residence pipe organ in Melbourne Australia and covering some of the issues involved in such a project. The site also contains considerable photographic and other material concerning major churches and other places of interest in Melbourne.
Submitted by Roger Brown

"Jonathan Delbridge - Pianist and organist"
Jonathan's interest in music began at the age of just four, when he started having piano lessons with his mother. In December 2001, Jonathan gained the LRSM diploma in piano performing and now has a busy career as a teacher of piano and organ and a freelance soloist.
Submitted by Jonathan Delbridge

"Bach and Leipzig"
Some pictures from Leipzig. The church where Bach played the organ.
Submitted by Arie Jansen, Holland.

"Singapore Chapter of the American Guild of Organists"
Just a website for the Singapore Chapter. Contains information on organ-related events in Singapore as well as some descriptions of pipe organs in Singapore
Submitted by Te-Min Ong

"Adam is an amazingly gifted distant energy healer. His techniques, using quantum holograms, are explained in his first book, 'DreamHealer- His name is Adam,' which is a bestseller."
Submitted by Dan

"Organ exploration page"
Personal web page of an organ student in Singapore. Contains links to organs in Singapore and to an account of an organ expedition to Europe.
Submitted by Yangchen Lin

"Alister Bach Online"
My website. I am a concert organist in Wales. Visit my site for more about me.
Submitted by Alister Bach

"Generally Gentle Radio"
A unique blend of choral and organ classics, along with ambient and new age music. Also an opportunity to hear some of my compositions and performances. Live365 Radio.
Submitted by Rob Passow

If you're unhappy with the results of the election, please try this link.
Submitted by A Friend

Dolores Dahl's gift of poetry and her ability to express herself
through this medium began to flourish in the late 70's. Her books are beautiful tapestries of wisdom and truth that hold lovingly selected poems, interwoven to create individual works of love and inspiration. She has said on many occasions, "It's as though another part of me has been tapped...the Silence, inside." Visit the website to explore and order any of her wonderfully insightful books.
Submitted by Dolores Dahl

"Bach for Guitar"
This features an index of free scores and MIDIs on the web, sorted by BWV. As a transcriber, I've indexed as many free organ scores as I can find (currently all but BWV 741 to 765 I think) in the "non-guitar" sections.
Submitted by Alan Melvin

"Living On Earth"
I enjoy listening to a radio program called Living On Earth. It's about various environmental topics. You should be able to hear it on your public radio station. You can also listen to it on-line or read the text. One interesting program was on the effect of climate change on New York. It was the program for May 28, 2004. Click on the Archives and then look for the date. It's called "Climate Change."
Submitted by Kenn

"Hudson Valley BachFest 2004"
The Hudson Valley BachFest is an annual weekend marathon of six events (four concerts, two church services) celebrating the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Part of the festival takes place in Poughkeepsie (Dutchess County) and part in Cornwall-on-Hudson (Orange County). This year's BachFest takes place Friday, August 6, through Sunday, August 8. The web site gives details about the programs, performers, and venues.

The Festival is presented to the public by the musicians and is coordinated and produced for the enjoyment of the musicians as well as the public.
Submitted by Susan LaGrande

The news stories in the early fall of 1929 were not yet about the Great Depression. Auto sales had peaked, but other business news generally supported the idea that the economy would regain its former strength and the stock market would go on to new heights. Sound familiar? This site is dedicated to the idea that we have experienced our modern analog to the 1929 Crash, except that it has happened in slow motion following Internet market bubble burst after of March 2000. Since then, the reports of "recovery" ring hollow to the masses of unemployed Americans. This site is a gathering point for discussion of the most important economic questions of today: Are we facing a replay of the Great Depression? What are the strategies to insure Urban Survival? Is it 1931 all over again?
Submitted by Dan

"Tuesdays With Sebastian: The Bach Keyboard Project"
Christa Rakich and Peter Sykes perform the complete keyboard works of J.S. Bach in 34 recitals from October 2003 - May 2005. Visit our website for dates, programs, and venues.
Submitted by Christa Rakich

In "bringing the majesty of the organ to another generation", organist J. David Hart and the team of Musical-Arts provide this free website for organists, church musicians and those who share the love of music.
Submitted by J David Hart, F.A.G.O.

"Organs in Friesland (Holland) "
At this site almost all the organs in the North of the Netherlands (Friesland) can be seen and heard. With a lot of additional information.
Submitted by W. van der Meulen

"Reuter Organ Opus #822"
A website dedicated to the preservation of the 5 rank "unit" 32 stop Reuter Pipe Organ.
Submitted by John Rust

"Estey Pipe Organs"
A website focusing on 60 years of pipe organs, large and small, built by the Estey Company, Brattleboro, VT. Opus list, articles, photographs and much more.
Submitted by Philip Stimmel

"Hervormd Dinteloord"
Perhaps you are interested in midi files off all 150 Genevan psalmtunes composed in the 16 th century bij Louis Bourgeois, Maître Pierre and Matthias Greiter, in order off reformator John Calvin. You can find them, and many other songs, on the melodie page of our site. Aswel the development of our new organ.
Submitted by Hans Prince

"BachSite / BachZeit"
Inspired by the Leipzig Bach Fesitval this site includes a review of the Festival and how to get there, plus related articles and resources. Coming is a complete translation with music of the Ascension Festival Liturgy BachZeit 1726/2003.
Submitted by Joel H. Kuznik

"New Original Organ Music"
New Original Organ Music from Dellamano Music Publishing.
Stop by our website and check out the free music and sound samples!
Our site is:
Submitted by Mary Beth Dellamano

"The Organ Home Page"
A website about organs and organ music for anyone who is interested. It also includes my weekly music program, as well as interesting organs I have played.
Submitted by Victor Kovacs

"Organs best of the wen ("
Many link of Dutch organs sites photo's music and much more.
Submitted by Lubbert Schenk

"The Organ Forum"
A free web based forum for the discussion of all matters pertaining to the King of Instruments. Includes free classifieds sections.
Submitted by John Bittner

A line of high efficiency TL loudspeakers which came about as a result of my research in Flue Pipe Acoustics. TLs are generally known for their superior deep bass reproduction, but not for their efficiency. All in our line are 90 dB/W/meter and higher.
Submitted by Richard Weisenberger

"Flue Pipe Acoustics"
The Physics behind the Sound of Organ Pipes and Whistles
Submitted by Richard Weisenberger

Free Streaming Music of the Organ. The only internet broadcast station dedicated to the classical organ.
Submitted by Brent Johnson

"Judith Conrad, Clavichordist"
Information on the clavichord, my concerts and mean-tone tuning instructions.
Submitted by Judith Conrad

"Bach scores free on internet"
Possible you are all familiar with this site but here it is anyway. I have put this link in my wallet so when I unexpectedly get acces to an organ I simply look for a PC an download and print one or more pieces I want to use. Virtually all Bach organ pieces can be found here. Even while printouts are approx 10% smaller than most printed versions they are perfectly useable. Regards from Holland (The Hague) again.
Submitted by Christian J. Faddegon

"" -- The source for pipe organ music events, concerts and recitals worldwide. Also essays, organ performance reviews and recommended music. Join hundreds of organists around the world in advertising your performances -- it's free and easy!
Submitted by Lana Krakovskiy

Visit the website of soprano Jenny Lynn Stewart.
Submitted by Dan

"Aarnoud de Groen, organist based in The Netherlands"
Site containing information about Dutch organist Aarnoud de Groen. MP3's, photos, a screensaver and lots more are available for free.
Submitted by Aarnoud de Groen

"Jonathan Delbridge - A Cornish pianist and organist"
This is the official website of Jonathan Delbridge. Jonathan gives many piano and organ recitals around Cornwall and the South West of England. He also regularly plays for weddings and functions and teaches piano and organ.
Submitted by Jonathan Delbridge

"Darren's Classical MIDI Files"
My MIDI arrangements of classical works from the Baroque period to the twentieth century, including organ works by Bach, Reger, Vierne, and Widor.
Submitted by Darren L. Slider

"Myorgellinks "
Many links from Dutch Pipeorgans and some musiclinks, much pictures and paintings.
Submitted by Lubbert Schenk

"SoftART DESIGN orgels/organs/orgeln/organo/orgue"
Digital Painting from Dutch Pipe organs and one from France. Painted with Paint for Windows
Submitted by Lubbert Schenk

"musica Dei donum"
early music: reviews of CDs and concerts, some short essays on early music subjects
Submitted by Johan van Veen

"News from the Hill"
Primarily a family newsletter, I publish random ramblings every week, sometimes about music, theater, frustrations with home ownership, etc. Feel free to browse around in awe and wonder -- or however you feel led to browse around.
Submitted by Bill Smith (real name)

"Johannus Organs eSchool"
This nondiscriminatory eSchool, favoring Johannus Orgelbouw pipe organs, pipe-digital organs, and digital-sampled organs ("electronic pipe organ"), is a learning and discussion site for Johannus Organs and Johannus Classic Sound Module players and owners, wanna-be organists and other interested parties, independent of JOHANNUS Orgelbouw, The Netherlands.
Submitted by Pauline Wendy Phillips

"Kunst der Fuge"
A great site with over than 2000 classical MIDI, biographies, image, bibliographies, theory on fugues.
Submitted by Alessandro Simonetto

"Online Studio of Cynthia Large"
A site of paintings (many of them organ-related), keyboard instruments, and other constructions. My art is most often inspired by music.
Submitted by Cynthia Large

"As a Man Thinketh"
The site offers a free eBook, As A Man Thinketh written by James Allen. This book has influenced many contempory writers including Norman Vincent Peale, Earl Nightingale, Denis Waitley and Anthony Robbins.
Submitted by Jenny Lynn Stewart

"Dame Gillian Weir DBE"
Site containing information about organist Dame Gilian Weir, including biography, discography, articles & interviews, and schedule of engagements.
Submitted by Steve Thomas

"Conceptual Rhythm"
Forget all those drummer jokes!! Chris Olsen - innovative recording artist, drummer/percussionist, journalist, educator, clinician and healer - is a performer like no other. The scope of Conceptual Rhythm projects includes recordings, performance, sonic architecture for film/video/stage, educational/motivational articles for print & web, drum circles for healing and team-building, and more.
Submitted by Chris Olsen

"Concert Organist and Choir Director"
Professional information about Dr Paul Jessen, organist and choirmaster, including some thoughts on Baroque performance practice, and forthcoming concerts.
Submitted by Dr Paul Emlyn Jessen

"Virtually Baroque"
Launchpad for my digital interpretations of works by J.S. Bach (complete organ works), D. Buxtehude, J.L. Krebs, A. Soler (complete two keyboard concertos), J. Stanley and more. A daily, weekly, and update mailing list are also offered.
Submitted by James Pressler

"High Altitude Trombone Quartet"
A professional trombone quartet dedicated to promotion of the trombone in chamber music settings. The group has a CD called "All Day Meeting and Dinner on the Ground," music for trombones and organ with organist Lee Garrett.
Submitted by Bill Holst

"Travelers Diagram"
Travelers Diagram is a semi-daily digest/journal/appreciation of art, (mostly pop) music, media, and other miracles of creation.
Submitted by Tim Paul

"Free Blank Music Paper"
This website has come in handy time and again. You'll find free music paper for every conceivable purpose.
Submitted by Dan Long