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Submit Your Photos! These could be photos of organs, organists, churches, musical or whatever. Please provide a caption describing what's in the photo and please be sure the photo is yours and not something that you copied off the internet. Email your photo to

The Wanamaker Organ at Macy's, Philadelphia, PA
(Submitted by Dan Long)

The Wanamaker Organ at Macy's, Philadelphia, PA
(Submitted by Dan Long)

Casavant Freres, Opus 3797, St Mark Lutheran Church, Omaha, NE
(Submitted by Michael Kesar, Director of Music Ministries)

First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hutchinson Kansas' pipe organ (pipe loft above "God is Love"). Organist Marilyn Kaufman. Church architect: Orlo McCracken, cornerstone laid in 1929. Completed, with organ, in 1934.

Sue Burkhalter, May 2008, after playing a half-hour organ recital for members of the Northern Virginia Chapter of the American Guild of Organists at First Presbyterian Church of Annandale on a Lewis & Hitchcock 1974 II/24

Sue Burkhalter, 2008, playing the Widor Toccata on her home digital 1997 Baldwin organ

ceci est mon orgue (1984-Klop-Netherlands)
Je tiens ŕ préciser que je le joue sans chaussures!
(Translates: I want to add that I play it without footwear!)

Albert and his Johannus Opus 10