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This page is designed as a resource to those planning an organ project. More links will be added. If you have any link suggestions, please email and it will be posted here as soon as possible.

The History of Organs
An informative page with a quality set of resources focusing on the organ and its history. It gives a quick overview but also includes links for each period in case you want to take a deeper dive into the material. A nice collection of information from a wide variety of sites.
Pipe Organs 101
This article from the Lawrence Phelps & Associate website gives a nice introduction to the pipe organ, including diagrams.
APOBA Publications
The Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America Publications page offers a selection of FREE publications to "assist organ committees and others with planning pipe organ installations and fund-raising."
"1888 Organ Plays Sweetly Again"
"On Thursday, February 28, 2002, the Poughkeepsie Journal ran a lengthy article, with photographs, of the newly restored 1888 Odell tracker organ in the Hyde Park Reformed Dutch Church." The article appears with permission on the website of the Central Hudson Valley Chapter, AGO.
Sponsored by Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc., this site contains vital information for anyone interested in purchasing or rebuilding a pipe organ.
"Introduction to the Pipe Voices of the Organ"
A simple yet informative presentation by Ryan Hostler explaining how the unique sound of the pipe organ is created.