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E.B. Gevedon, MD — Residence Organ (Miller Pipe Organ Company)
"This was an exciting project! It is not everyday one gets to build a residence organ. Dr. Gevedon has owned several pipe organs. He began with a 3-rank Möller Artiste which we rebuilt and installed a new 4' Principal and 4' Spitzflöte to go alongside the resident Stopped Flute." More...
Miller Pipe Organ Company
Andover Organ Helps Save Local Casavant - Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts
"When yet another Lawrence (MA) church was closed due to parish mergers, we could do nothing but sigh. Another fine organ was available, with little chance of finding a new home. Sacred Heart RC Church in South Lawrence is an imposing 1936 Neo-Gothic granite structure built to serve the French community. Standing forlornly in the rear gallery was a 1936 Casavant, Opus 1531, with three manuals and 33 stops. Although there had been some water damage, the organ was basically in good condition. We had been maintaining the instrument for many years and knew its potential." More...
Andover Organ Company